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  • CAGE Code: 7QMM8
  • NAICS Codes: 541613, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519
  • PSC: D399

Is this you?

Is This You?

Whether you are a multi-national corporation, a ‘one man’ startup, a web development company or any other type or size of business, our goal is the same.

Simply, we aim to accelerate your business growth through the provision of dedicated offshore developers who deliver on time, on budget and without the stress and frustration of unreliable freelancers or the cost and responsibility of in-house staff.

Exactly what your business size and shape happens to be is really incidental. What’s more important are the challenges we can help you solve and the opportunities we can help you take advantage of.

However, in general, our clients fall into one of these three categories.

Startup or Small Companies

1 Startup or Small Companies

If you’re preparing to expand your business onto the internet, or are in need of more modern technology, then we can help you reach more potential clients both local and worldwide. And, with our customizable service and pricing plans, we’ve made the best web development services affordable for almost any business.

Web Development or Online Marketing Companies

2 Web Development or Online Marketing Companies

If you’re getting more and more work from your clients and need technical support to service them quicker and expand your products and services, then we can help make that happen for you. We can support you with dedicated developers and designers who are not only enormously talented but can also maintain the time deadlines that are crucial for your success.

Info Marketers

3 Info Marketers

If you are running a business as a successful info marketer, then you know how many different web assets you need to build and maintain. From simple websites to landing pages, squeeze pages, sales pages, membership sites and more. Trying to manage all those yourself can be a stressful and expensive mistake.By partnering with us you can free your time and resources to focus on more profitable activity.

The Top 7 Reasons Why Clients Hire Our Dedicated Developers

Exactly what you need to solve your challenges and headaches is of course something we need to talk about. But, here are the top 7 reasons we see our clients hiring our dedicated developers, designers, and mobile and android developers.

  1. Your developer has left you without completing your current project and now you need someone to take care of your incomplete projects.
  2. Your business is growing, but to get to the next level, you need help, but don’t want to have an in-house team to deal with.
  3. You are too busy, and need to delegate some of the work, so you can focus on your more revenue generating activities.
  4. You are looking for a better alternative to your in-house or current designer or developer, because they simply are not producing the quality of work, or are failing to deliver on time or within a reasonable budget.
  5. You want to offer more services to your existing clients but do not have the developers to do it!
  6. You need to expand your current group of reliable vendors for new projects, flexibility and/or redundancy.
  7. You want to create a new web business app, mobile app, or new software.
Whatever your reason for considering hiring a Dedicated Developers, give us a call today and let’s see how we can help you.

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