MayDay Alarm came about as the result of the Founder Prescott Paulin having a heart attack and being helped by nurses who happened to be right there when it happened, who were able to save his life. This event lead to Prescott developing an Android App that would cut through some of the delays that exist in getting emergency help to real people in real life situations. Quick response is vital in these situations, where every minute counts, and every minute saved will safe a life.

The MayDay Alarm Android App integrates between the app user, local health and emergency responder services, the police, and includes connections to off duty personnel, who are close and able to help when needed. It allows users to alert these services so they can be dispatched faster. Users have a variety of options to alert, whether manually, or automatically, based on a variety of sensors such as heart rate - too high, too low, or non existent.

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May 2018

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Prescott Paulin
Prescott PaulinFounder

quote markDedicated Developers was able to understand the importance of our vision for our mobile app. We wanted a development team that had the complete set of skills for our app, so it was easy to use, accurate and properly integrated all the complex features we needed. The team was easy to work with and followed up with updates as the project was being worked on. We have been very happy with the MayDay Alarm mobile app and it's has been well received by potential investors.quote mark


MayDay Alarm needed a mobile app developer who had the skills to integrate a variety of features seamlessly. The app needed to be able to call with either a voice call, or a video call, and needed to have the ability to "silently" call when a situation warranted it, such as a robbery in progress. The app needed to be able to provide accurate biometric readings that could be communicated quickly to emergency service providers. Users are able to fill in a lot of important info into the app, which then becomes available to the first responders. Security within the health care space is vital, and the app needed to be able to properly communicate privately and securely. Dedicated Developers was able to provide all those important features into the MayDay Alarm app.

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