Have you decided to build your own website and do not know who to trust to create it? You can choose among freelancers and web development companies in the USA. If you are careless enough — you can just throw a coin. Obviously, you realize the possible risks and don’t want to deal with the unpleasant consequences of that choice — so this post is for you.

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Where to begin?

Whether you choose freelancers or a web development company in USA, you’re looking for a reliable and responsible developer.

Spend some time and surf the Internet to find what you like. In the end, when you decide on the performer, his first question will be: “What do you need?”.

  • You don’t want to only give general information and say: “I want it to be beautiful!” You and the developer may have different ideas about what is good and what is bad. Give him real examples of what you want in the design and in functionality.
  • Have you found a cool site and you like everything on it? It’s time to find out who did it, perhaps the developer of the site you like can do something similar for your company.
  • Look for several developers to find out the approximate prices for your project.

At the bottom of the site, developers sometimes leave their copyright, on which you can find data to contact them.

Freelancers & Web Studios: Which to Choose?

The next step is to select the developer directly. You have the choice between freelancers and web development companies in the USA, and you’ll find that each type is trying to outdo the other. We’ll try to compare the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

You Get What You Pay for

Freelancers are an easily accessible performer, ready to take up custom web development projects and independently perform all tasks for the project.

Often, freelancers are divided into three types:

  1. Experienced individualists who may refuse to develop a boring project. The payment for their services will be quite high.
  2. Mid-tier, working freelance in his spare time. Thus, the fulfillment of your order is not his top priority.
  3. Beginning contractors who are just looking out for themselves. Are you sure that you want your site to become a training ground for a beginner?

Positive aspects of cooperation with freelancers:

  • Relatively low price for work
  • Individual approach

Negative aspects:

  • Impossible to fully control the execution of work.
  • Remoteness.
  • Lack of significant quality assurance and lack of confidence that the work will be performed within the agreed timeframe.
  • No guarantees that the developer will not disappear, taking your money with him. Freelancers do not offer a contract, as they are not legal entities and risk only their reputation. You risk your money, and that could be considerable since the creation of a quality service requires good financial investments.

In the worst case, instead of a site, you will get nothing and pay for it anyways, and still have to go out and get it made again.

Important: If you are not ready to spend money on a customized design, but at the same time are open to the possible risks of cooperation with a freelancer, then there is the option to have a site created based on templates. These can help your business reach the next level and it will cost much less than custom-designed projects.

Why Would it be Better to Engage with a Web Development Company?

Web Development Company

If a freelancer is like a universal soldier, then the web studio is a team of specialists with narrow specialization where each person is assigned a specific task. You’ll have to pay more money but you’ll get a quality web product that will meet all your requirements.

Negative aspects of cooperation with a web studio:

  • Relatively high price.
  • The need to wait until demanded professionals working on other projects will be free to take on your task.

Positive aspects of working with a web studio:

  • Individual approach to the client.
  • Provides legal guarantees and financial responsibility for the implementation of the project.
  • No floating deadlines — good software development companies in USA will coordinate all the employees, so you know the project will be completed within the agreed time.
  • A high quality of work.
  • A wide range of services.
  • A highly skilled project manager who will control every step of your website or web app development.

Choose wisely: all of the above items fit the description of a good web studio. Be sure to carefully review their portfolio to assess the quality of the work.

Next Stages

A beautiful site is only half the battle. Do not forget that every project needs support and maintenance, otherwise it risks turning into a dead site. As a rule, cooperation involves not just performing the customer’s initial specification, but an integrated approach to solving your problems long term. This means that the work will continue, to keep a beautiful site that you like, and to get a high conversion and raise sales, and reduce costs over the long term.

Even at the stage fora commercial offer, the studio can perform an analysis of your market, target audience and competitors, and on the basis of the gathered data, will offer the best option for you.

Freelancers, on the other hand, does what you say. He will not think for you, nor be able to tell you which version of a CMS is better, he doesn’t create briefs and technical assignments. To work with freelancers, you have to independently manage the custom web development services: set detailed tasks, monitor the timing and quality of performance.

In short, the studio will bring you expertise and thoughtful approach to your development. A freelancer will bring you a fast and relatively inexpensive project.

When choosing a studio, be sure to ask the specialists if they offer such a service as support and content filling. Content is an indispensable component of your website promotion, which highly influences your position in search results.


We highly recommend choosing an experienced web studio with a good portfolio like Dedicated Developers. Website development, forming the semantic core, optimizing the page loading speed, filling it with content, and many other tasks, is better to entrust to real experts who create these kinds of projects on a daily basis. Contact us right now and we’ll work with you to create you the product you really need.