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  • CAGE Code: 7QMM8
  • NAICS Codes: 541613, 541511, 541512, 541513, 541519
  • PSC: D399


Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Please check out our FAQ section for the most commonly asked questions. If you still do not find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you.

General Questions

What do you offer that I can't find at any other outsourcing company?

We have seen many of the challenges our clients have had to deal with when they worked with other outsourcing companies. We have worked to ensure that does not happen with us. The core philosophy to prevent much of that is that we work as a team. We have team leaders whose main job is to ensure that work is done on time, and to a high level of quality.

As well, our hiring practices are much more stringent than the other companies out there. This allows us to work with developers who are far superior to many other outsourcing companies.

If my developer is stuck on a task, who can they go to for help?

All of the developers in our team can go to their leaders, who can help them, and they also can go to other members of the leadership groups and to management. We have a whole team of people who can help each other.

When something goes wrong with my hosting service, shopping cart, membership site, ecommerce store or other web related services, do you own the problem or do you say 'that's not our problem to fix?'

We feel we should own the problem for our clients so they don’t have to try and resolve any of these issues on their own. To us that’s just plain old good service.

Do your employees arrive at the office on time and well dressed?

Yes. All our employees are punctual in their attendance and are dressed professionally.

How long has your company been in business?

We started the business in 2009 with one development center. We now have two state of the art development centers.

Can I resell the services that you provide to me?

Yes, you can.

hiring-icon Hiring, Testing, Screening & Education

Are your employees experienced, certified and qualified?

Yes, all our employees have the right education, certification and experience to meet the standards that our clients look for from us. Our selection process is very effective and we find quality professionals who are suitable to take on international challenges competently.

Can you give me a quote over one quick phone call?

I wish this were true, but it isn’t. Just like a good doctor, we need to diagnose your project specifications before we can quote any price over the phone.

We provide you with a written proposal. We need to gather and analyze your project requirements and draw out a custom project execution plan for your project BEFORE quoting you anything. After all, would you take a doctor’s word that you need surgery if they hadn’t done x-rays or other diagnostics? Of course not! Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

I want to hire a dedicated developer or designer from your company. How do I proceed?

Once you decide to hire a dedicated designer or developer from us, you just need to send us a detailed requisition mentioning your requirements clearly. This would help our HR Manager find the best candidates for your project requirements. We will shortlist the candidates and arrange interviews to screen them. Screening will be followed by an employment interview where we would consider everything about the candidate including his or her previous experience and work history. Before appointing them for good, we would assign 1 to 2 test assignments and examine their performance very closely. At the time of final placement, we would complete all the proceedings including having them sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

Can I participate in the testing / screening process while hiring a dedicated Developer / Designer?

Yes, you can do this if you want to be a part of the process. We can send you the resumes directly so that you can shortlist the candidates yourself. We can also arrange to help you with this process.

Am I bound to accept your recommendation for appointing a dedicated developer?

We are here to find the best candidate who can satisfy your business needs. We carry out the entire process based on your requirements. However, if you find our recommended candidate not suitable for you, then you can decline. In that case, we would start the proceedings all over again.

Do you have references that we can contact before finally deciding to hire you?

Yes, we do. Contact us and we will provide a list of clients that you can talk to directly.

Do your web developers maintain current vendor certifications and participate in on-going training – or are they learning on my dime?

Our developers are required to keep their knowledge about their specific skill sets up to date through an ongoing training, sponsored by our company. We also keep the most up to date vendor certifications in all the software we support. Plus, our hiring process is so stringent, 95% of the web developers who apply don’t make it through.

How do you handle the situation if my dedicated developer or designer leaves their job?

To make sure our designers and developers stay long term, we offer the best salaries to these people. Due to this, our employees seldom leave us. However, we can replace an employee with a suitable alternative if this situation arises.

Working with your dedicated developer or designer

Can my dedicated employee work the same office hours as mine?

It is entirely your choice. Your employee can work on India time or your time or even on an overlapping time schedule.

How do you monitor the work of my dedicated developer or designer?

We put all these dedicated developers or designers under technical project managers or team leaders, who look after the work and the progress. You can even ask for updates at any point in time.

I want a mobile app. What phones can you program the app in?

We can program apps for the iPhone, Android, and Tablets.

I want a website done. Will your programmers make my website work on all the browsers?

Yes, as our standard practice, our programmers will make your website work on the latest versions of all the major browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. If you need, you can also request them to make your website compatible with older versions of these browsers as well.

I want my website to be mobile compatible. Will your programmers make my website work on all the mobile smart phones and tablets?

Yes, our web developers are very experienced in mobile compatibility and they can make your websites compatible with all major smart phones and tablets – including but not limited to different iPhone, Android phones, iPad, Android tablets etc.

Do you consistently (and proactively) offer new ways to improve and accelerate the implementation and performance of my web development projects?

To help maximize profitability, efficiency and competitive advantage, we hold monthly review meetings with our clients. We are constantly looking for new ways to help improve their operations, lower costs, increase efficiencies and resolve any problems that arise. We have a very open and forward thinking communication philosophy designed deliberately to help clients stay one-step ahead.

Do you guarantee to complete projects on time and on budget?

Yes, we do. By providing a detailed quotation for all projects including total hours required to complete the project and the delivery timelines, there will be no surprises. All projects are guaranteed to be completed on time, in writing.

Do you have backup staff who know and understand my projects in case my regular web developer goes on vacation or gets sick?

Yes. We keep detailed documentation (basically a blueprint of your website and its specifications) and updates on every client’s account inside our project management system. Any of our web developers can pick up where another one left off. We always have a backup developer secured for you in case your main developer goes on vacation or gets sick, so that your projects are NEVER impacted.


Can all your dedicated developers / designers speak English?

Yes. All our employees are fluent in English and there would be no problem in communicating with them in English.

How do I communicate with the employee I have hired?

We provide you multiple communication modes to communicate with your dedicated developer or designer. You can join him or her on video calling or conferencing, Skype, and Instant Messenger. You can send him or her emails or communicate through our Project Management System. We can even provide him or her with a telephone with a local number from your area of the world so you can easily call them.

Do you answer the phone or do I have to leave a voice mail and wait for someone to call you back?

We answer our phones live from 4 am PST to 11 pm PST and give all clients an emergency after hour’s number they may call if a problem arises, including weekends.

Do you have a written, guaranteed response time to requests?

Yes. We guarantee a response within 12 hours or less of a request. We have invested in a top-of-the-line project management system, which contains all client project progress and requests. And because our web developers have been trained and conditioned to use this project management system for communication, progress updates and other purposes, you can quickly see what’s happening with your projects, whenever you need to. Plus, you can also directly connect with your dedicated web developer via Skype or phone or with our US-based project managers if necessary.

Do you take the time to explain what you are doing and answer my questions in terms that I can understand (not geek-speak)?

Our web developers are trained to have the ‘heart of a teacher’ and will take the time to answer your questions and explain everything in simple terms.

Do you provide me with a weekly report that shows all the updates, and status of every website built for me, so I know for SURE that they have been updated and completed?

With our state-of-the-art platform, you can easily load project specifications, interact with your dedicated web developers and set priorities and deadlines as needed. In other words, you will actually get a detailed report about all your projects on not only a weekly basis, but daily as well!

Do you provide detailed reports that clearly explain what I am paying for?

We provide detailed daily reports that show the work done each day, what’s completed, what’s in progress and what’s pending. That way you never have to guess what you’re paying for. You get a complete and up-to-the-minute picture of all of your tasks. By simply accessing your project management software, you can very easily view billable time and organize all your projects.


How do you protect my confidential data?

Like you, we believe in the importance of securing confidential data. Hence, we have formulated methods for data protection. You can discuss these methods with us – in order to ensure full security and protection.

Here are some examples of our data security systems:

  • Your data will be stored in your servers (and not on the developer’s personal PC) – and developers can only access the data during work.
  • Use of software that allows you to track what developers are doing, in order to prevent them from emailing your data, copying, etc.

Am I in control or at serious risk? Is it standard procedure to provide me with written, website documentation detailing software licenses I own, critical passwords, user information, etc., or do you hold the "keys to the kingdom"?

All our clients receive these in written and electronic form at no additional cost. We also perform a quarterly update on this material and make sure certain key people from your organization have this information and know how to use it, giving you complete control.

Office Locations

Where are you located?

We have four offices. The offices where all the designers and developers work out of are located in India. We have two management offices in the United States, one in California, and one in Ohio.

Will I be welcome to visit India to train or visit my developer? How about my developer, can he or she visit my country?

Yes. Our office in India is your extension office. Accordingly, you can visit your developer(s) at any time you want, and arrangements can be made for your developer(s) to visit you in your country. You will be responsible for any travel expenses.

Intellectual Property

Do I have full intellectual property and ownership of work rights?

Yes. You maintain the legal title to all of this, it is your property at all times.

Pricing & Payment

What are the terms of payment? What are the payment methods available?

Our payment schedule is actually quite simple. The first payment should be paid first before your developer starts to work. For the succeeding months of work, you will need to pay before the start of the next month of work. Hence, if you require your employee to work on March 1 – then we will need to have receipt of payment before the said date – ideally around February 25. Accordingly, this serves to protect you from overpayment and is designed to protect all parties as well.

For feasibility, we prefer to receive payment via ACH bank transfer. However, we can also arrange other payment methods such as PayPal and payments via credit cards.

Do you offer a refund in case I am dissatisfied with my web developer's work?

We will offer you a 100% complete refund if your dedicated web developer is unable to provide you with the work needed. If your web developer’s work is satisfactory – but is unable to comply with your set standards – then you will be charged on a pro-rated basis (days or hours worked). The outstanding amount will then be refunded to you. You can also choose to replace your current web developer with another if you wish. The outstanding money will serve as your credit for payment for your next web developer.

Note: in case of any dissatisfaction with our employee(s) please notify us immediately. This will allow us to make the necessary adjustments as early as possible. In the absence of any communication showing your dissatisfaction with your web developer(s) within a reasonable period – we will not be able to question our employee’s actions or inactions – and the one month notice for termination will have to apply.

Can I hire employees on a part-time basis?

Yes. Apart from full-time hiring, we also have part-time hiring where you can hire developers or designers on a part time or hourly basis. Our part-time hiring allows you to hire a dedicated designer or developer who will remain available for 4 hours on all 5 working days in a week.

Will I get discounts if I hire more than 1 web developer?

Yes. That can be arranged.

Is there any additional/ hidden charges?

Usually, we do not have any hidden charges. Our invoices reflect everything quite clearly. However, there can be some additional charges occasionally. You would be required to pay extra if your dedicated designer or developer was required to purchase any software or special device that was not included in the contract. However, we will make sure you are aware of this ahead of time, so there are no surprises.

How can I terminate the service of my dedicated developer?

If you decide to terminate the service of a dedicated developer or designer, you would be required to notify us at least one month prior. However, you cannot terminate within the first month.

What is the possibility of Dedicated Developer terminating the contract?

This is rare, as we believe in long-term business relationships with our clients.

Why is this period of one-month necessary?

This notice period is important for us to complete the current work and to properly prepare the turnover of all of your tasks and projects. It also ensures fairness to the employee, so they can prepare to find another position, hopefully within our company, or to make other suitable arrangements. It is much like if you terminate an in-house employee, they need to have some notice time.

Am I allowed to offer incentives and bonuses to my developers?

If you want to give allowances, incentives or bonuses to your developers for a job well done or to motivate them to work harder, then please do so. We will not get a percentage of bonuses and incentives. However, payment for these incentives will have to go through our platform.

How many holidays will my developer get paid for?

We offer our employees 10 national holidays. Other than these holidays, you do not need to pay for employee leaves. We can provide you with a list of National Holidays along with the contract.

Legal Stuff

When I hire them – will I be incurring any tax liabilities, insurance or any other additional compensatory expenses to pay for?

No. You are actually hiring us for our services, and not for employment. So, you don’t need to worry about incurring any employment taxes or getting insurance for your contractors. The web developers you are hiring are employed by us – and we will be taking care of those obligations.
Also since we are a US-based company, you can issue a 1099 form to us at the end of the fiscal year and we will gladly help you out with it. Thus, your entire investment in hiring us becomes a complete tax write off for you (of course, please check with your CPA for your specific situation).

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