Artificial intelligence (AI) is used today in a variety of industries — from entertainment and advertising to business decision-making, unmanned vehicles and the modeling of complex physical processes. Today, we’ll talk about how AI can be used in mobile application development.

Google Play and App Store contain hundreds of thousands of applications, and frankly. most of them could be much more interesting and useful if the mobile development company applied the capabilities of AI. After all, if you do not dive too deep into the futuristic forecasts, modern AI is nothing more than a well trained (or badly trained) algorithm for recognition and analysis. Their use in well-known fields is already making our life much more comfortable.

How can AI change Mobile App Development?

There are real examples of how to use the new technologies not only in niche industries but also in applications which can be used by any user.

Intelligent Searching for the Reviews

For example, Vivino offers an intelligent search for data about wine using only the label on the bottle. The application finds results within its own social network of professional sommeliers to show the user some useful info about that specific wine. As a result, after making one photo, you immediately get the rating, characteristics, people’s opinions, reviews, and prices. It would be impossible without AI.

Computer Vision

Similarly, web and mobile app development companies can implement a number of technologies together with AI. For example, a carefully trained computer vision will help developers find online the same jeans, dress, glasses or a handbag that a person just saw somewhere on the street. The method is called Street Search — it’s enough to use one photo and on the screen of the smartphone, the user will see offers with prices and other details. It will be even able to make a purchase on the go.

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants are actively used in Google, Bing, and other search engines Apple and Amazon have been using the technology for many years. Today they can not only recognize spoken words but also find a song that interests you in their music archives. The ability to listen and download music that you liked is a really popular feature. But companies can go further: teach algorithms to recognize the specific places or people by the sound of their voice.


A web and mobile app development company will have a wide range of possibilities to use AI in the entertainment industry. Social network users will definitely like the ability to create filters and masks, and add them to their photos. Just take a closer look at Icon8 chatbot, which in the recent past attracted millions of users due to its ability to apply art filters in seconds and make a picture of any photo. The popularity of other services, such as the Apple FaceID feature with  Animoji support — the applying of the user’s facial expressions to amusing characters, also tells about the great prospects of using AI for custom app development services.

Artificial intelligence

Routine Tasks for Business

New machine technologies will be useful not only for private users. Artificial intelligence technologies can help businesses solve everyday routine tasks. For example, the seller can simply take a photo or record a video with the store shelves and upload the files to a specially designed application that immediately processes the information about the quantity and availability of the goods and sends the processed data to the warehouse, creating the orders to purchase the sold-out units. To do this, the store owner does not even need to equip the store with high-resolution cameras — it’s enough to use standard smartphones.

Surveillance Systems

Artificial intelligence together with video surveillance systems will allow monitoring. For example, the traffic movement through a checkpoint or track the customers’ activity in a supermarket. Supervisors will be able to get real-time information about how many people there are in each department along with recommendations how to optimize the work of staff. However, staff can also receive automatic commands and notifications on their mobile devices.

Technologies are Ready

In fact, there are a lot of machine learning technologies on the market, but most of them are specialized and are created individually for a specific project. This has long been a bottleneck for many small business owners. However, the blockchain technologies can help any web and mobile app development company solve these problems.

Blockchain projects related to AI will be able to provide inexpensive access to public information. Even IBM Watson artificial intelligence has the ability to make requests through an open interface — but you must have the appropriate license. Today, there are a lot of companies and startups that try to implement artificial intelligence in their solutions. We also provide the custom app development services using AI products.

For example, scientists from the University of Michigan are working on an artificial forensic specialist algorithm which will independently take fingerprints at the crime scene and determine their value.

The wide range of new working models to create affordable AI confirms that we are living in a new era when artificial intelligence can be provided as a part of custom app development services. If such projects are actively developed, artificial intelligence will be massively used in everyday life. After all, the main thing to implement the new technology is its accessibility and effectiveness, and very soon the mobile app market will become much more developed.

Implementing AI into mobile applications is a highly technical skill set. Mobile development companies should start by updating their IT departments, taking into account the fast-growing digital market, providing mobile data access, integrating applications with legacy systems, building an API-based architecture, and using the flexible development methods. Once you start doing this, a positive result will be on the horizon.

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