Business today requires an on-time response from its customers regarding their level of satisfaction concerning their services or products. Most business owners who have recognized the impact of this have taken measures which have significantly impacted their service delivery and standards of their products.

They utilized an excellent customer management tool or CRM development service. As your business grows, you’ll need a robust CRM development system with functions such as getting feedback from social media, sending customized email, input about a product, and communications between colleagues and clients.

Why Should You Develop a Custom CRM?

Think of custom enterprise products such as Salesforce, sap, and Microsoft Dynamics. These offer advanced CRM solutions. For instance, Salesforce helps businesses personalize their products. When you think about this with your marketing and sales team, this might not be the sort of CRM development service your organization needs.

But this does not negate the fact that an organization needs to go for a custom CRM development service, especially one built to serve the needs of your unique business. If you’re thinking towards this direction, then you’ll be interested in the two fundamental question this article will answer. What functions of the CRM accentuates your business? What is the cost of developing a custom CRM?

Categories of Custom Relationship Management Software

The CRM is an all-encompassing management tool that infuses several functions to its mechanism and operates at varying levels. An understanding of these categories will give you a perspective of the CRM development services that cater to the needs of your products. The classes are:

  1. Operational System: It focuses on the short-term objective of optimizing sales, services, and marketing.
  2. Analytical Method: It analyzes the customer’s behavior based on the information garnered from the operational system.
  3. Strategic System: This will ensure it technically turns to create a long-term relationship with the customer with the aid of the customer data.
  4. Collaborative System: It will create a channel of communication with the customer through phone calls, email, text, and social networks.

It’s essential to note that all these functions are encapsulated under the operating system which creates an interconnection between other types of operations. We’ll focus primarily on the features of the operating system and the cost of implementation.

CRM Development

The Core Features of An Operational CRM Software

The operational CRM is functional in three major classes: marketing, sales, and customer support. An essential CRM developed service should successfully function in these areas, and this should serve as a guide for you in developing your custom CRM.

1.   Sales Team

A functional CRM should aid your sales team in making huge sales, and be staying prolific in their profession. The CRM tool for a sales team will mostly contain an accountant, leads, opportunities and so on.

  • Record and Lead Management

Essential CRM development service should be able to handle minimal cases such as maintaining a customer profile. This means there should be a chain reaction from the established customer, lead generation, and opportunities which implies getting new customers, creating new leads and converting them to opportunities. Then the sales manager should have access to information like customer contact information, customer profiles, stage of negotiation and their response rates.

  • Sales Analytics

The use of diagrams like charts, graphs, and other infographics to determine the trends with your products out in the market. The sales manager should be able to blend cross-platform information from a spreadsheet, and other database platforms. Data generated from the market should be marked, and the location noted so as to ascertain the point of progress or regress.

  • Sales Plan

An advanced CRM solution outweighs the effects of a spreadsheet plan which should be created based on analytics and the sales history provided by the sales manager. The CRM uses an advanced calendar system which runs up to 3 to 10 years of sales planning and budget for the business. This will help the sales team to be competent by making targets, objectives, and plans that fall within this proximity.

2.   Marketers

Marketers can strategize towards a custom event for their products with the aid of an advanced CRM solution which will help them reach out to potential clients.

  • Campaign Management

Marketers need to create serious publicity for their business, by starting a campaign for the product. They need to add an event to the campaign, make a budget, handle the finances and assign marketers to each event.

  • Divide Customers

Marketers need to separate customers into groups, to determine how functional they are regarding profit generation. They will be able to know which of the groups has been effective concerning profit generation. This grouping is done in charts which marketers can consider to determine which groups have been the most productive.

3.   Customer Service

Communications with clients are appropriately documented in the database for quality control. This aids traceability of communication between clients and customer care representatives.

  • Knowledgebase

The customer support service needs tools that will help them write, correct and publish articles for the sole purpose of helping use or benefit from the product. The CRM developed services interface helps to put forward excellent material for the products to be sold.

  • Customer Support Analytics

The custom module garners information about customer service response rate to the needs of the client and the way they responded to the client. You can determine which mode of communication is most effective via the customer ratings, whether it‘s a phone call, text, email, and social media.

Costs of Developing Your Custom Advanced CRM Solutions

Considering the information outlined above you can see it’s more advantageous to develop a CRM than rent or purchase off the shelf. Since it will be tailored to the actual needs of your business, its effect will be visible much faster. The price of CRM depends on the following factors:

  1. The complexity of the project
  2. Number of features
  3. The amount charged by a web development company
  4. Logistics and deployment

For starters, the cost of CRM development ranges from $50,000 and above which is still dependent on the scope and complexity of a project. While this price might somewhat sound outrageous for startups, it should be noted that a CRM service is an ongoing development which sometimes runs for 3-10 years. Lately, there has been a modification in the pricing of CRM which involves a pay per user system.


Although a CRM might appear expensive, especially for startups, it’s useful and cost-effective when considered from the angle of regular usage. Ensure you carefully consider features that will aid the growth of your business and remove those that are unnecessary to cut down cost. When you’re ready to start creating your custom CRM, be sure to contact us at Dedicated Developers, and we’ll work with you to make one that best meets your business needs.