How to Build Web Applications Using ASP.NET

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While many people have heard of ASP.NET, it is seriously gathering momentum when it comes to building enterprise level web applications and there are reasons behind this development.


ASP.NET was developed by Microsoft. It is a server-side web application framework that is used to build dynamic websites and Microsoft application development using the .NET framework. Being an open source framework means that it is widely used and improved upon by developers all around the world.

ASP.NET uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create these modern web apps. As a result of the simplicity and processing speed of script languages, it is widely adopted by a lot of programmers around the globe. This makes it easy to hire .NET developers. ASP.NET, as a framework, is not limited to only developing websites and web applications, it can also be used to create Web APIs and mobile sites.

However, in this post, we are only going to consider what developing a web application using ASP.NET entails.

Building Web Applications Using ASP.NET

ASP.NET has three major frameworks that can be used to develop web applications. They include; Web Forms, ASP.NET MVC. and ASP.NET Web Pages. These frameworks share the main functionality of ASP.NET and also .NET frameworks and, ergo, they can all be used to create great web applications.

However, each of these frameworks is suited for different development styles.

Choosing the Preferred Framework

Though these three frameworks are all great and functional, choosing the framework to work with is based on three major factors which include;

1. Programming Asset – This refers to the expertise of the programmer. Factors like skills, knowledge is considered. New programmers find it easier to work with web pages while Advanced programmers prefer to work with Web Forms or MVC.

2. The purpose of the web application to be created

3. The preferred development approach you’d like to take


ASP.NET Web Pages

Building web applications with ASP.NET Web Pages favours developers with experience in Classic ASP and PHP. ASP.NET Web Pages uses the Razor syntax which facilitates the seamless integration of your code and the HTML markup into a single file. This helps to ensure that the app contains dynamic pages.

With ASP.NET Web Pages, it is also possible to connect the web application developed to databases, upload videos and even include links to social networking sites. This gives your web application that rich feeling. In addition to other available features, ASP.NET Web Pages makes your application beautiful and easy-to-use. It is also possible to hire .NET programmers to help you to develop your web app using ASP.NET Web Pages framework.

ASP.NET Web Forms

Web Forms are mainly suited for middle-level and advanced RAD developers with experience in Win Forms, WPF and .NET. It harnesses a rich library of controls that incorporates HTML markup to ensure rapid development of web applications.

By using a simple drag-and-drop option or event-driven model, it is possible to create highly dynamic web applications using ASP.NET Web Forms. Equipped with hundreds of controls it is possible to create highly complex web applications rapidly. Its design platform enables you to easily come up with intuitive UI designs that will boost the usability of your web app.


ASP.NET MVC uses a pattern-based approach to ensure that you effectively build web applications by separating the components (M for Model, V for View and C for Control). This makes it very easy to develop sophisticated macOS and Microsoft applications with MVC.

Model View Control (MVC) best suits Mid-level and Advanced developers with experience in Ruby on Rails and .NET. Its development style entails handling the HTML markup and code separately. This allows for full control over the HTML markup.

Though more suited for mobile apps, it can be used to develop web applications like single-page applications (SPA). In case you need help with a project (of any magnitude), it is also possible to hire .NET programmers to help you to develop your web app using ASP.NET MVC framework.

What is the Catch?

Due to the robust framework, developing complex web applications using ASP.NET has been drastically simplified. Also, there’s no need for configuration due to its inbuilt configuration. Developers can now create web apps in record time.

Because it was developed by Microsoft, ASP.NET has inbuilt Windows authentication which assures you of the security of your product.

ASP.NET isn’t restricted to just script languages. In fact, it is compatible with .NET languages such as C#, VB and so on. This improves their utility as it accommodates programmers with a wide range of programming skills.

The frameworks offered by ASP.NET are not entirely independent. It is possible to use different frameworks to build different parts of the application. For example, MVC framework can be used to optimize the markup of the front-end aspect of the app while Web Forms is harnessed to develop the administrative aspect of the app. The inter-usability of these frameworks make it possible to ensure full optimization of web applications developed using ASP.NET.

All these and many more make ASP.NET suitable different kind of MacOS and Microsoft applications.


Building Web applications using ASP.NET is a great choice because of the flexibility and simplicity it offers. It can be used to build a wide range of applications from Microsoft applications to iOS applications. Being developed by Microsoft, and used by GoDaddy, DELL, Visual Studio and lots more to create their web apps, its reliability has been proven over the years.

Most importantly, the constant updates on ASP.NET like ASP.NET Core and other frameworks will ensure that the simplicity of building web applications using ASP.NET.

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