Full stack developers do not rest on their laurels until all the components of an app development project are wholly integrated and the development’s big picture materializes. For the most part, full stack developers oversee the delivery of coordinated components from specialists since they can quickly acquaint themselves with the peculiarities of the key concepts of each component.

They can provide advice as to the utility that each component can bring to an app development. This is one of many reasons why people hire dedicated developers.

What Aspects of An App Development Can You Leave in the Care of a Full Stack Developer?

Each full stack developer has a unique skill set with a wider breadth of experience in certain areas including front-end, back-end, and DevOps. When you hire full stack developers, keep this in mind, so you get the perfect developer, with just the right skill set for your project.

The Front-End

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This layer generates the visual interface of the app using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. In a single-page application (SPA) development, the front-end design is paramount, and the bulk of the effort is channeled into the front-end technologies.

The mobile app developers you hire for a front-end development must show an ability to create elegant interfaces that are glitch-free and runs quickly. Put yourself in a user’s shoes to evaluate the quality of your app’s front-end.

The Backend

This refers to the server-side components that infuse the app with utilities such as the intricacies of the business model, caching functions, and data collection in the database. The evaluation of this layer requires extensive knowledge of API designs, endpoint behavior, database design schemes for data storage, etc. When you hire mobile app developers, they should demonstrate expertise in this area.

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The DevOps:

This is a collection of all the protocols for the management of servers, APIs, cloud storage, caches, and feature updates. In order to implement DevOps, you need to hire dedicated developers who have showcased their ability to administer servers, manage cache, and scale up utilities.


Allin all, competent full stack developers have extensive knowledge of almost all, if not all of the various technologies applicable to the app development. They’re capable of projecting the interplay of the consequences of various choices made in every component, and they have greater control over their working environment. Though they may not be specialists in all areas, they can delve into the research needed in order to deliver excellent app development projects.  The more reason why you should hire Dedicated Developers.

The Best Timing for Hiring a Full Stack Developer

The choice you make before you hire full stack developers or other specialists for each layer need not be stressful. You might have heard that full stack developers don’t really exist because of the monumental amount of knowledge it takes to claim such a position.

However, a StackOverflow survey shows that 28% of developers have amassed a sufficient wealth of knowledge to take up the role of a full stack developer. The following pointers will aid your search for a full stack developer that can play a critical role in an app development:

1. A Fresh Startup

The best way to start working with mobile app developers is to have them chart the course. In this instance, the full stack developer puts together the blueprints for the development, which different specialists will work on, and then he coordinates the specialists’ inputs. If the development is on a small-scale, the full stack developer can handle it solely from start to finish.

If you’re non-tech savvy but want to float a software-based company, you need to hire full stack developers as your CTO or technical co-founder.

2. If the Budget is Limited

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Hiring a full stack developer can prove to be a cost-effective strategy. Although this might lead to a slower pace of project implementation when compared to hiring a team of specialists, it does pay dividends in terms of reduced overhead cost.

3. If the Developer Team Needs to be Spearheaded

If the developer team lacks a technical leader, then you need to hire full stack developers. A full stack developer can easily switch between the various areas of the development, helping to maintain uniformity and cohesion in the project implementation.

What to Look for When You Hire Full Stack Developers

For starters, you need to determine the most suitable stack technology for your app development. It’s advisable to stick to a standard development. In addition to all the benefits of a standard development, you’ll also find it easier to find a suitable full stack developer for your project.

Once you’ve established that you need to hire dedicated developers, the next logical step is to search for potential candidates. This is the part where you get to open your doors to wads of applications and sift through piles of resumes. It’s imperative that you seek out only the potential candidates with a skillset that matches your chosen technology.

It can be quite revealing to hold open-minded discussions with the potential candidates as per the most suitable stack technology for your app development. For instance, you can keep an eye out for developers experienced in PHP full stack development, but invite suggestions about Node.js applications.

It’s imperative to evaluate the previous projects of the potential candidates. You can ask them to provide you with access to their previous work and make sure to verify that they had a hand in those projects as per their claims.

How to Ask Interview Questions that Matter

Once you’ve narrowed down the list of potential candidates with compelling work history and a convincing track record, arrange for interviews. The preparation for the interview is important, and you want to go into the interview with the right questions in mind.

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The first thing you should look out for in the interview is the candidate’s communication skills. Communication skills are indispensable to a project which incorporates several complex technical concepts and can impact the development’s overhead cost.

In addition to evaluating communication skills and technical competence, you also need to evaluate the candidate’s work ethics, especially if they have a different cultural background than yours in the case where you want to hire from a remote location. You need to access their willingness to learn; full stack developers need to learn new things rapidly and keep abreast of changing technological trends.

The most important part of the interview should be the part where you evaluate the candidate’s previous projects. If you’re not adept with technicalities, you can solicit the assistance of a tech-savvy person you can trust to handle this part of the interview.

Tips for Hiring a Full Stack Developer

Widen Your Search:

In today’s world, businesses are hiring talent from far-flung locations without incurring exorbitant expenses. You can easily hire the best developer minds across the world at very attractive costs.

Solicit for the Inputs of Technical Experts:

The opinions of a trusted technical expert can be highly instrumental to the selection of the most suitable candidate for your development. They can help ensure that you don’t misrepresent any information you are presented within the interview.


A full stack developer can prove to be a startup’s good luck charm. They offer companies robust solutions with a wealth of technical knowledge. No matter the company’s business logic or choice of technological framework, a full stack developer can offer a one-stop mobile development solution. When you’re ready to hire a full stack developer, be sure to contact Dedicated Developers, and they’ll provide you with the perfect team that will best suit your project and your unique business needs.

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