A look into how you can have the proper mindset that will result in impressive business results, more income & a better life in the future.

Are you looking to make your career and personal life better? Do you want to become more productive at work – in order to reap the benefits of success? If so, then read on…

Take note: entrepreneurs who don’t have the proper mindset and don’t use the proper strategies will most likely become less productive at work. Unfortunately, this can result in inefficiency, business management in disarray, and of course – reduced profitability.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the various distractions that will not only prevent you from doing the things you should be doing, but may also be considered as obstructions on your road to success. By knowing how to recognize this, you’ll become more productive at work, you’ll be able to minimize unnecessary risks – and you’ll have a much more fruitful personal and professional life.

So, are you ready to take on the challenge? Do you want to know the different types of “time thieves” to avoid – and make your business venture more productive and profitable? If you are, then let’s start.

Before we proceed – let’s take a look at the main keys to entrepreneurial productivity:

1. Know your specific goals

2. Avoid “time thieves” (and chase those “CHASERS” away)

3. Make the right business decisions

4. Be consistent

5. Establish your company

6. Maintain your focus

Looking at these, you’ll notice that each of them, in one way or another, is related to focus. You need to focus on those things that will produce more results for your business – and this can only be done by keeping yourself from distractions or time thieves (mentioned as #2 in the list).

There are 3 so-called “Time Thieves” (penned by Eben Pagan) that tend to take away the precious time of many people – without them knowing it. Let’s discuss them one by one:

1. The “CHASER” – this specific “time thief” is actually an acronym that stands for:

C – Compulsive

H – Habitual

A – Automatic

S – Stress

E – Evoking

R – Ritual

Otherwise known as: “CHASER”. What is it? Let me explain:

The “CHASER” is the habit of putting off something that could have been done today – but for one reason or another – is put off until later. Such reasons could be drinking coffee, talking on the phone, browsing the Internet, watching videos and other activities – in order to “replenish” lost energy and to reduce stress.

Unfortunately, not many know that these rituals, although seemingly harmless, can actually cause more stress in the end. Yes, checking on your Facebook friends or looking at new stuff on EBay may seem relaxing – but these aren’t really as relaxing as you may think.

Think about it: spending an hour not doing anything, will mean having to spend an hour later in the day for work. Now, what if you aren’t able to finish those activities at the end of the day? What will happen? You’ll be able to produce less results and have reduced profits. And what happens after this? You will be STRESSED.

2. The “Rabbit Hole” – as its name implies, this “time thief” occurs when you are sucked into a distraction which becomes bigger and bigger – until you end up not being able to do anything. The distraction may seem simple, but if you allow it to distract you from what you’re doing – it may end up eating more of your time – until you end up not producing the results you need to produce. Again, this is something you should avoid.

3. Systemic Interruptions – what differentiates this “time-thief” from others is the fact that these distractions are those which people create themselves. These are things you already know could distract you – but you still allow them to happen.


These systemic interruptions could come in the form of text messages, phone calls, emails, social networks, newsfeeds – and others. Turn them off and focus on the work at hand. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting your precious time. Remember: the faster you are in completing what needs to be done – the more results you’ll be able to produce. Afterwards, you’ll have all the time to answer your phone calls or browse your Facebook page.

These are just some of the distractions that you’ll need to take into account, if you’re looking to build your business and make it as profitable as it should be. Remember: focus is the main key for business success. And the more focused you are – the better the results will be.