The world of web development is constantly changing. More specifically, web development in the USA is no longer what it used to be months ago, neither will it be the same in a few months. For you to be able to make an impact, you need to keep abreast of happenings as they get updated.

The aim of this article is to provide you with an assessment of the web development market and give you a glimpse at some imminent changes that are bound to occur. This will help you make an informed decision before you get web development services USA.

One-Page Website Designs are Everywhere

The two different types of the website we have are multi-page ones and one-page websites. Usually, web development is done such that each topic/section is furnished with its own page. For example, a company that provides SEO services might structure the website such that a page is dedicated to the pricing, while another provides information on past projects.

Fundamentally, this is an ideal pattern to emulate and it should still remain the norm. However, viewers are not viewing websites the same way as they did in the past. Professionals who offer web development services highlighted a major pain point: people no longer have the patience to process tons of information. When you hire a web and mobile development company to carry out a job, they can do it in such a way that the content is reduced to the bare minimum and only the important subjects are broadcast to the public.

Also, web development in the USA engendered a demographic of users who prefer to browse the internet using their phones rather than their desktop computers, hence, one-page designs are easier to implement and navigate.

Flash Protocol is Almost Completely Phased Out

Flash, according to any web and mobile development company charged with SEO services, is a thorn in their side. This standard by Adobe has been in existence for over 15 years and this used to be the go-to tool for viewing animations. However, the relationship between Google and Adobe was severed recently as Flash protocol is a hindrance to lean HTML5.

The implication of this is that you no longer need to struggle with Flash protocols, especially if SEO is your aim. There are several options available that work effectively in place of the Flash, like the Animate CC (provided by Adobe), and the Web Designer Tool by Google.

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Mobile-First Design is Prioritized

If you have experience working with a professional web and mobile development company, you’ll understand that designing a website with an emphasis on mobile devices is already a norm. But this philosophy is being touted once again due to the emergence of smart devices. Smartphones are doing incredible numbers in sales and the value of the market is forecasted to increase astronomically.

This means that the old “desktop-centered website designs built to work well on small screens” will no longer suffice. Web development services based in the USA now entail developers focusing on the needs of the mobile phone users first before building a website. If you’re a business owner, when discussing with a web and mobile development company, ensure you emphasize the importance of creating a website that is mobile friendly.

Push Notifications are Still Very Relevant

Push notifications are just as important as ever. Now that they can be incorporated into website designs, their effectiveness has skyrocketed. The advantage it offers is that your website viewers can be notified when you have new content on the website even when they aren’t currently on the page. This helps them avoid checking their emails or constantly reloading the webpage.

Think of it this way, push notifications to allow those who should see the content you publish to access it easier and faster. With little effort from you, you can exponentially increase the traffic you get. In essence, push notifications are a must when getting the services of web development in the USA. Your design should also be user-friendly and not obtrusive as this might discourage users from signing on.

Progressive Web Apps are Slowly Taking Over

This is a very important trend to look out for in the future as it’s believed to be everywhere soon. What are progressive web apps? Think of them as standard web applications that comprise regular web pages, but these pages are built to model mobile applications. What they offer essentially is the best of both worlds: the benefits of both desktop apps and mobile apps.

Web development services based in the USA are now full of web developers building progressive web apps. This is in addition to the assertion that mobile apps make up about 89% of total mobile media time.

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Motion User Interface

Even though an interactive design is loved by users and web owners, sometimes user-friendliness doesn’t help in identifying some important components of a website. A mobile user interface uses transitions and relevant animations to point you in the direction of important actions or elements on a website. This doesn’t just facilitate easy navigation of the website, it also adds life and vigor to your website.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can get web development services in the USA that provides a well-crafted and highly functional website with integrated motion.

JavaScript is King

The era of playing second fiddle is long gone and many developers now turn to JavaScript. This language is preferred for its simplicity and functionality. You stand to benefit a lot when you hire a web and mobile development company to leverage JavaScript for your project.


There are so many platforms, languages, and frameworks to use. This might make it appear overwhelming at first. It’s also not possible to implement all these changes at once; try to make it gradual. If you keep these trends in mind, you’ll ultimately provide your users with a more fulfilling web experience. When you’re ready to create or update your website / mobile app be sure to Contact Us, and we’ll work with you to keep your business up to date.