As each year passes, we hear interesting and new information about IoT. We are reaching a point where IoT is close to achieving its ultimate potential and growth. As time passes though, we are also identifying some new IoT trends, all of which are unique and very distinct. If you are very passionate about the IoT, then you should follow some of the major IoT trends on the horizon.

Digital Twins are Becoming a Thing

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Digital twins are a replica of physical assets, systems and processes that can be used for a variety of purposes. This type of technology is amazing for IoT, and it does bring in front a whole bunch of great solutions and ideas for you to take into account.

A More Intense Usage for Mobile Devices

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IoT relies quite a lot on mobile devices already. But it may rely even more on them in the near future, especially as new technologies appear, and they need a central device for managing them. As you can imagine, IoT services are harnessing the power of mobile devices. And the more such devices appear, the better the results these devices can deliver.

Improved Security

There were plenty of security issues for many companies, so the major IoT trend right now is a focus on app and device security. This is a very good thing, as it offers customers a lot more value for their money and a good service quality. As you can imagine, that’s what matters the most for anyone that gets IoT devices.

A Better Way to Process Big Data

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All IoT devices are capturing a lot of big data. But there aren’t too many solutions that can be used to manage and process all big data properly. As you can imagine, this does lead to a variety of problems that could be solved in some interesting ways. And that’s the thing that companies are set to focus on this year. Finding a better solution to not only capture, but also process big data the right way is a priority.

AR and VR Integrated into IoT

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This may be the year when both AR and VR are becoming mainstream. The potential is definitely there, and we are very close to seeing these technologies as a part of IoT too. The possibilities are limitless, for example, you could change the temperature within your home while wearing the VR system. It just makes a lot of sense and it’s also incredibly fun.

Blockchain-based Systems will Interact with IoT


While this is technically possible, it’s hard to say if the blockchain will offer us technologies that will communicate with the IoT. It all comes down to how much cryptocurrencies are set to evolve this year and what we can expect from them. But the possibility is there, and it may as well happen this year.

Smart Clothing


Smart clothing is one thing that didn’t really appear as a part of any IoT trend last year. But it is slated to appear this year. The possibilities are there, and you never really know what you can expect from these technologies. But smart clothing is the type of thing that can be a game changer. And it’s definitely going to stand out, it all comes down to the way we use it.

Voice Based Services


IoT does need to rely on voice-based services to offer us more comfort and control. We finally are at a point where we can use voice assistants to control stuff within our home without any issues. Sure, Alexa and Siri still have their bugs, but the technologies are pretty evolved and they continue to get better. That makes them a great fit for anything IoT related.

Business Solutions


IoT is mostly suitable for homes right now. But 2018 can be the year when the IoT solutions finally hit the business sector. Even if this may not seem that much, the IoT features are a necessity for the business world and they can change a lot of things. It all comes down to what solutions are created especially for business users and, of course, how will all of them be implemented. But the possibilities are amazing, that’s for sure!

In conclusion, 2018 is set to be a progressive year for IoT. Whether these trends will have staying power or not, is yet to be unveiled. But it’s safe to say that 2018 will be a very good year for everything IoT. More and more people will have access to this technology, and in the end, this is a reason for celebration. We are finally getting close to those times when IoT is very accessible and everyone can use it!

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