A few decades after the first few frameworks made inroads into mainstream applications in the 90’s, there’s been an astounding proliferation of development frameworks. While the increase in variety provides enriched user experience and a host of other perks, it’s also amplified the noise in the world of development frameworks, making it quite dicey to choose the best-suited framework for an application development.

It even raises greater concerns in development projects where an application development company needs to transform a native application from one platform into one for another platform. In such cases, the choice of the framework can make or break the prospects of a successful app development. Also, the choice of the framework can ease or complicate things for an application development company in an app development.

The following is an overview of the 10 most prolific development frameworks that you should consider when hiring top app developers USA.

React Native

This is a JavaScript framework for writing native code for iOS and Android applications. Based on Facebook’s JavaScript library, it’s won over numerous industry heavyweights, including Airbnb, Tesla, Walmart, and a host of other Fortune 500 companies.

Most of the React Native APIs are actually cross-platform, making it possible to create components for one platform that work on other platforms. In addition to this, the framework also allows top mobile developers in the USA to build clean, handy native apps that run just as smoothly as apps built with platform-specific components.

Intel XDK

This is a highly-rated cross-platform mobile app development framework that gives an application development company tools for building highly responsive and interactive apps and web services. When you hire an iPhone developer to build iOS apps using this framework, the developer will have access to excellent tools for integrating plugins into your app, and for testing, debugging, and publishing your app. There are also drag and drop features that allow an application development company to create apps without needing to write long-winded codes.

Also, when you hire an iPhone developer to work with Intel XDK, you’ll have access to live previews of any changes applied to the development, giving you greater control over the activities of the developer.


An open-source cross-platform framework based on Apache Cordova, PhoneGap is a wildly popular framework that’s a first-choice for cross-platform compatible apps which doesn’t make heavy use of native hardware features. When you hire an iPhone developer to work with PhoneGap the developer can use cloud-based tools to create apps for multiple platforms, negating the need for local SDKs.

In addition to providing an application development company with free development tools, the framework also provides developers with software development maintenance kits for each mobile platform, as well as a rich variety of plugins to choose from.

Corona SDK

This free framework outclasses every other framework when it comes to the speed of the development. App developments implemented with Corona SDK are faster – up to 10 times faster — than developments built with other frameworks.

This is due to the fact that the framework uses Lua, a lightweight code that’s renowned for its fast speeds and ease of use. When you hire an iPhone developer for developments based on this framework you can expect your app to be developed at a much faster pace, and without raising any quality concerns.

Appcelerator (Titanium)

This is another outstanding cross-platform framework renowned for providing developers with JavaScript APIs and algorithms for harnessing native hardware features. It’s also an excellent choice for web developments when it comes to provisions for app analytics, Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), and much more.

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When you hire an iPhone developer to build apps using Appcelerator, the developer can reuse 60% to 90% of the initial codes to build the versions of the app for other platforms. The framework’s Appcelerator environment, well known for its flexibility and extensibility, also expedites the transformation of apps meant for one platform to other platforms, including Android, iOS, HTML5, hybrid, etc.

JQuery Mobile

With JQuery mobile, you can create both web and mobile apps that are compatible with nearly every smart device. It gives top app developers the tools to build an entire codebase just once and port it across multiple platforms. From Kindle to Blackberry, Android, iOS and more, JQuery mobile can be used to create custom web and mobile apps for a wide array of operating systems.

Sencha Touch

This is another highly-rated framework that provides tools for integrating a rich variety of features into app developments. The framework’s cross-compatibility covers Android, iOS, Blackberry, and a host of other platforms without raising concerns about the quality or the performance of the codebase.

One of the most outstanding features of the framework is the drag and drop visual app builder. With this and many other features, Sencha Touch equips you with a wide variety of tools that supercharge the prospects of building a successful app development.


Most of the Iconic framework’s fans are Angular developers, but Iconic is a cross-platform framework that’s steadily establishing itself as one of the best cross-platform development frameworks today.

In addition to allowing developers to use basic web languages such as HTML and CSS to build robust applications, it also provides developers with a rich pool of gems and templates that can be reused to expedite the development processes.

Mobile Angular UI

When it comes to Angular and Bootstrap developments, Mobile Angular UI is the most expedient and reliable development framework. Top app developers based in the USA only need to construct HTML5 pages in order to create excellent apps based on this framework. This free framework provides you with excellent server-side support, regardless of the complexity of the application. And the use of fastclick.js and overthrow.js in the framework allows developers to create an enriched user experience.


This is another widely used cross-platform framework. It’s as expedient and reliable as the other top-rated frameworks. However, one of the main differentiating factors between this cross-platform and the others reviewed above is that it’s based on C#, and not JavaScript and HTML.

But when you hire iPhone developer to create apps using Xamarin, the developer only builds a single shared C# codebase, which is as powerful as Java, Objective-C, and Swift, and then uses the same IDE and APIs to create replicas of the app for other platforms.


Still not settled about which framework is best for your app development in 2019? We’ll help you clear out the fog and provide you with more penetrating insights when you reach out to us today.