2018 has been an amazing year for Kotlin. In 2018 we saw Google launch support for Kotlin programming language for Android. Also, over a hundred thousand participants of a survey carried out on StackOverflow voted it as the second favorite language for development services. There’s no doubt that JetBrains is on a roll and this success is making it incredibly easy to hire Java programmers.

However, it’s important to put the growth in perspective, analyze it, and make proper projections about what Java development services will entail in 2019. There are several surveys and opinions available online about the state of Kotlin and what Java developers should know, and this article will give you a rundown of all you need to know.

But first, you might be asking, “Why should I hire Java programmers online who use Kotlin?” Good question!

Why Hire Java Programmers Online Who Employ Kotlin?

A survey carried out recently, involving over 2500 respondents, with 72% of these participants employed, provided useful insights. Of the participants, 11% are self-employed and 15% are students. In this demographic, over 50% had less than 5 years of working experience as a developer, 22% had between 5 and 10 years of working experience, and approximately 10% had less than one year working experience.

The results from the survey carried out on StackOverflow juxtaposes the results from this survey and they both provide evidence backing the expected progression of companies hoping to hire Java programmers online for Java development services. We shall list just 4 reasons.

  1. Google is seriously backing the widespread adoption of Kotlin
  2. Kotlin is considered a sensation among Java programmers
  3. The resources provided by JetBrains are causing Kotlin to thrive rapidly
  4. There are exciting favorite features Kotlin possesses

1. Google is Seriously Backing the Widespread Adoption of Kotlin

For the seasoned programmers, the first time they heard about Kotlin was in 2014, when it was nothing but “The new programming language JetBrains is creating.” In fact, it was aptly dismissed by many people who thought it wasn’t going to be useful for Java development services. It first gained widespread recognition in 2015 after a whitepaper that advocated its adoption at Square.

But the ultimate fame came in 2017 as Google announced first-party Kotlin support. This announcement was particularly timely as it gave junior developers the chance to really appreciate the language. And as many say, once you go Kotlin, you can never go back.

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2. Kotlin is considered a sensation among Java programmers

According to the survey, 80% of developers work with Android apps, and about 83% program in Java. (You can see whyit’s easy to hire Java programmers online.) Results show that Kotlin is still not as popular across the board as it still appears to be segmented among developers. However, as the tool matures and as more compilation features become available, Android developers will be allowed more freedom.

3. The resources provided by JetBrains are causing Kotlin to thrive rapidly

As someone who provides Java development services, you know how important documentation is, right? Have you gone through Kotlin’s official documentation? Simply impeccable! JetBrains deserves all the accolades it gets.

They provide invaluable learning material on their website, a podcast (the Talking Kotlin podcast), and a book, the Kotlin in Action book. This is one of those really helpful books written by a couple of engineers, JetBrains engineers of course! There’s also a website, kotlinlang.org, cited as one of the most popular resources for learning. Let’s also not forget that there’s a Kotlin Weekly newsletter. All these inevitably drive the growth of Kotlin, without diminishing how easy it is to hire Java programmers.

4. There are exciting favorite features Kotlin possesses

What are those features you look for in a programming language? Null safety, extension, interoperability with Java, data classes, higher order functions, type interface, multi-platform, etc. These are all present in the Kotlin stack.

These are all evidence supporting the continued growth of Kotlin in 2019. However, apart from knowing that Kotlin would still be a relevant language, what else are you meant to know? We shall talk more about the most exciting features that are currently available in the programming language.

Key Features of Kotlin to Know in 2019

Collections and Streams

When providing Java development services, one of the most important parts of the whole process is processing object collection. This entails the translation of objects with different representations. Streams like the ‘first()’, and ‘last()’, which extracts the first or last element matching the predicate function respectively, the ‘single()’ stream, which extracts only the element in the given predicate, and the ‘associate()’ element which transforms from a list to a map entry, are functions that apply.

String Interpolation

It can be overwhelmingly difficult to deal with strings in Java, especially with plus operators, StringBuffer, and String.format. However, Kotlin provides a way out as it simplifies the process of string handling and string interpolation.

The implication of this is that expressions in a code can be directly embedded into strings via the use of an expression, ${expr} (this is for variables that are simple to handle). When we refer to on-string objects, we can automatically call the toString() function. This also helps in minimizing how boiler-plating is observed in the code.

Conclusion – Making the Best of 2019 While Providing Java Development Services

In the course of this article, we have established two things; the first is that adoption of Kotlin will continue to soar. Also, it’s very easy and convenient to hire Java programmers in 2019. One thing we can be sure of is the increased intuitive, flexible, and functional apps we will see in the coming year.

Are you an entrepreneur looking for bespoke apps and Java development services in 2019? Then, you’re in luck. Leveraging a plethora of tools and languages, we are available to cater for your unique needs. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.