Before a web and app development company can successfully create a great, user-friendly fully-functional app, it must be in possession of a very dynamic skill set. The company in question will need a very great mobile app development team.

This mobile app development team is usually made up of top mobile developers, seasoned software programmers, and various software designers. You probably have been searching for tips to put together a great mobile app development team, and we’re confident this post will give a few pointers in the right direction.

What You Need to Know About Mobile App Development

A large number of people are required to build an excellent user-friendly application and as such companies should devout enough time to assemble such a team. A good mobile app development team is necessary because it employs and combines the expertise of every single team member which then leads to the creation of a professional looking app.

Back in the early 1980’s, mobile application development companies in USA used to erroneously believe that mobile app development teams were not needed to create excellent applications. They relied exclusively on the talents of individual developers. However, in recent time, this stance has changed.

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Today, it’s evident that every company in the mobile app development field must have a specific mobile app development team with highly specialized knowledge. A great mobile app development team is made up of a Visionary (project manager, consultant, etc.), designers, developers, quality personnel and sales personnel. Each of these structural components performs very specific and detailed functions which ensures that the company can develop, conceptualize, create and commercialize its applications.

A mobile app development team usually gives job specifications to each individual team member. This helps to ensure that functions can be carried out effectively and there can be an increase in specialization. Furthermore, the subtle albeit healthy competition within such teams ensures that only professional world-class applications are created every time.

A Great Mobile app development team is of immense benefits no doubt. However, some companies find the process of building such teams difficult. In this article, we have suggested some tips that we hope can help you put together a world-class team.

Tips to Build a Great Mobile App Development Team

The following tips have been tested and proven to help in building a mobile app development team:

1. Sourcing from local industry groups

2. Carry out strict experience evaluation exercises

3. Match the job description with available candidates

4. Mutual respect

Having identified some tips, it’s only proper to examine exactly how a company can maximize them to achieve the ultimate results.

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Sourcing from Local Industry Groups

One of the ways which a company can put together a great mobile app development team is by sourcing from local industry groups. The personnel in the company in charge of recruiting team members can sign up on industry groups such as,, etc.

These groups can help the company assemble and put together a world-class mobile app development team. These boards have daily events and consist of people who are like-minded and have a flair for developing, designing, etc. Through such boards, web and app development companies can source and locate top mobile developers who will be excellent additions to their team.

Highly demanded boards should be highly prioritized as they serve as excellent ‘hunting grounds.’ Mobile application development companies in the USA have identified boards such as AngelList, StackOverflow Careers, etc., as the most demanded. In addition to this, research firms have also been shown to be good grounds for sourcing mobile app development team members. An example of such research firms includes,, etc.

Carry Out Strict Experience Evaluation Exercises

A great mobile app development team consists of various team members. These team member positions have various skill and experience requirements. One major skill and experience that such team members are expected to possess is a vast knowledge of mobile app creation. Experience in the intended platform is highly necessary.

For example, an Android application developer is expected to have adequate experience in Java and also in Eclipse. Similarly, an Apple application developer is expected to have sufficient knowledge of Xcode. Top mobile developers should be hired based on this standard.

Match the Job Description with Available Candidates

The topmost and ultimate priority when trying to build a great mobile app development team should be the work itself. We advise that before you rush out to recruit team members for your mobile app development team, the job should be clearly identified.

For example, if you intend to create an Android-based application, only top mobile developers with the necessary experience and skills in their portfolio should be considered and subsequently hired. After hiring the developer, the web and app development company should then actively engage the developer and engage in proactive measures.

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Mutual Respect

This is perhaps the most important tip when building a great mobile app development team. Everybody on the team and even those not on it should fully understand that a great mobile app development team is structured to include various layers of work.

These various layers require sets of specialized skills and experiences. As such, there is no ‘bigger task’ neither is there any ‘lesser task.’ Everyone needs to understand that no step or process should be marked as ‘less important’ and then sped up. There should be equality in dealing with every team member.

Mobile application development companies in the USA have adopted this approach and further even convince their customers to do the same.


It’s no hidden fact that building a great mobile app development team is quite a complex and somewhat bulky task. However, following the right tips can ensure that the process is made as simplified as possible. Web and app development companies should follow these tips if their aim is to have a team equipped with top mobile developers.

All over the world, companies are beginning to pay acute attention to the process of building great mobile app development teams. This is most common with mobile application development companies in the USA.

We recommend these tips for everyone who wishes to experience new heights by building a great mobile app development team.

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