The industrial applications of IoT are ushering in new waves of revenues for businesses across various industries. It’s presenting brands with better solutions that enhance automation, productivity, control management, data collection, collaboration, security, and lots more.

The momentous impact of IoT in the world of business is no doubt disruptive, as the number of devices connected to an IoT app development in business environments is due to double within the next two years. A few years ago, there were no more than 3 billion connected devices. But that number is expected to hit over 26 billion by 2020.

And as more businesses continue to embrace the advantages that an IoT application development can offer, many IoT companies continue to whip up more innovative IoT solutions that further enhance the general appeal of IoT prospects in the business environment. Below are 10 areas where industrial IoT app development is providing ground-breaking solutions.

IoT Development

Business Intelligence

This is one of the areas where the impact of IoT development is being felt the most. Industrial IoT applications, such as those that cater to predictive analytics, defect detection, production lapses, alert systems, strategic planning, marketing, and advertising, etc., are helping businesses improve their key performance indicators momentously.

By providing businesses with highly effective measures for mining insightful, real-time data, industrial IoT development is the best thing that could happen to Business Intelligence and the decision-making processes of a business.

IoT Platform for Monitoring and Control Management

Organizations with a large array of physical assets, including equipment and employees, have a major challenge of keeping tabs on all their assets. This is one of the aspects of business management that IoT app development companies have been striving to create solutions for.

These solutions allow executives to monitor the activities and behaviors of their employees and customers from anywhere and at any time. By providing an all-inclusive platform that facilitates the monitoring and analyses of a wide array of actionable data, IoT enterprise solutions can help enhance productivity and customer satisfaction significantly.


The understanding and insights into consumer behavior are critical to strategies for boosting sales and customer satisfaction. An IoT development can be highly instrumental in this regard, helping businesses gather customer data, including those pertaining to shopping habits and preferences. These solutions usually come with integrations such as CRM, ERP, etc.

In addition to data mining, IoT solutions for retail can also provide businesses with mediums for inducing loyalty in customers and boosting sales, such as apps that facilitate push notifications and personalized promotional offers.


There are innumerable ways in which IoT app development companies can help enhance the workflow in production facilities. They can provide production flow monitoring solutions that help manufacturers optimize workflow, save energy, minimize surplus inventories, eliminate inefficient production tasks, etc.

They can also provide manufacturers with remote monitoring and management solutions that eliminate the limitations which physical locations impose on asset management. Manufacturers also stand to benefit immensely from the maintenance notification solutions which IoT development services can offer them to help ensure the optimal performance of equipment.


By helping enhance the business efficiency of utility companies, IoT development companies are increasingly becoming highly instrumental to the success of businesses in the utility industry, including gas, water, and electricity companies.

In fact, the utility industry is the third biggest benefactor of the IoT revolution, as it’s the third largest investor in the IoT. The most notable solutions which IoT offers utility companies are those pertaining to the management of the supply chain, such as smart grid technologies for electricity distribution firms.

Health Care

Health care is one of those facets of life that requires clinical, spot-on decisions, and IoT application development companies are poised to deliver solutions that enhance the decision-making processes of healthcare facilities.

These solutions include smart pills, wearables, connected devices, etc. These solutions provide data that is highly instrumental in the treatment of preconditions, chronic ailments, allergies, and emergency situations. IoT apps for health care also provide emergency alert systems that send out automatic alerts when elderly or ailing patients experience sudden episodes of various ailments.


By allowing farmers to easily obtain and analyze insightful, actionable data, IoT app development companies are helping farmers make more timely and profitable decisions. These solutions provide farmers with real-time data that can be used to avert losses and forecast forth-coming needs. Farmers can now easily procure IoT systems that facilitate automatic watering, special lighting, oxygen supply, soil condition monitoring, etc. These IoT systems are affordable, eco-friendly and energy efficient.

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This is one of the first spheres of activities where IoT technologies made their first major break. The rate of IoT innovations for this industry has continued unrelentingly, as autonomous driving continues to garner an increasing wave of positive press.

IoT solutions are driving innovations in the driver assistance technologies that are aimed at enhancing road safety. Today, most of the recent models of automobiles are equipped with driver assistance abilities such as cameras, RADAR and LIDAR technologies, which are supported by IoT app development.


Since this industry is heavily linked with the automobile industry, it was also one of the first beneficiaries of IoT innovations during the early days of the technology. Today, the logistics industry is the second largest investor in IoT technologies. Supply chain management processes, including transportation and warehousing, can be greatly enhanced by the asset management solutions which IoT technologies can provide.


Information security has always been at the forefront of IoT development. As IoT technology meets Blockchain technology, there’s a stronger alliance building up to secure cyberspace from the growing threats of malicious hackers. But security concerns aren’t the only drivers of the integration of Blockchain with IoT technology.

The infusion of IoT solutions in Blockchain technologies is also helping enhance accountability immensely. The incorporation of IoT application development into Blockchain outfits has resulted in innovations such as automated ledgers that facilitate the monitoring of relevant activities performed with numerous IoT devices.


There’s hardly any industry of any scale or complexity that hasn’t already felt the disruptive and ground-breaking impact of IoT development. Hence, IoT development is fast becoming a vital force guiding trends and innovations in various industries. When you’re ready to start implementing IoT into your business, be sure to Contact Us, and we’ll work with you to get the right implementation for your business and industry.