Node.js is a trending topic in the software development sphere now, and even though a lot of people have heard about it, many are not too clear on what Node.js application development is all about. More so, people find it very difficult to hire Node.js developers for projects. Think of this article as an overview of the concept of Node.js development. It answers the question, “Why should you hire a Node.js development company for your next project?”

What is Node.js All About?

One unique thing about Node.js is that it cannot be put in a box. You cannot really classify it totally as a programming language for the back-end. Is it like PHP or Ruby? Can you use it to develop back-end applications? Yes. Is Node.js a framework? Not really. Although there are ExpressJS and other Node.js libraries available. Finally, you cannot really classify it as a package manager, even though there are other node package managers.

What can define Node.js as? Basically, it is a JavaScript runtime which was built using the V8 engine by chrome. JavaScript code need not be run in a browser, it can now be executed in a server or a local development environment.

The Non-Blocking I/O Model

Node.js is the ideal tool for data-intensive real-time applications and thanks to its non-blocking I/O model, this is immensely easy to execute. Brands like Yahoo, eBay, and Walmart all had to hire Node.js developers in order to take advantage of its clean and easy to use model. The rise of IoT (the Internet of Things) has also led to an increased need for a Node.js development company. It is lightweight, fast, and very flexible.

Why Hire a Node.js Development Company?

1. Node.js has a Fast Suite

Node.js application development runs on the V8 engine. The V8 engine was developed by Google, the largest tech company in the world. It uses JavaScript and native machine code. All these features make Node.js function at supersonic speed. You can use single threads as opposed to double threads (with an event loop for asynchronous functions). In essence, when you hire Node.js developers, you are creating a pathway to increased throughput and also inconceivable speed.

2. Node.js Creates Real-Time Web Applications

Low-level sockets and protocols are no longer things that are needed with Node.js, Think of how long it takes to create a blog on PHP. In half the time, you can build a real-time app using Node.js application development. Both the client-side and the server-side are synchronized with precision since they are built on JavaScript.

3. Node.js has a Dynamic Node Package Manager (NPM)

Because of the open-source nature of Node.js, the shared repository gives developers access to a plethora of dynamic tools. The Ruby on Rails platform used to be the robust and rich platform. Node.js, with over sixty thousand new modules, has the stability and reliability that development companies can utilize.

Node JS Development Company

4. Node.js Has a Supportive Community

Node.js has inherent features which make it superior. A burgeoning open-source community is another reason for the success achieved so far. For example, it is able to achieve constant communication between the client and the server side using the model. For certain clients who hire Node js developers just for unique functions like this, it is a huge benefit.

5. Node.js Boosts Productivity in Organizations

Every Node.js program was built using JavaScript and this eliminates the back-end and front-end dependence. PayPal, for example, used half of the normal team to build a fully functional app using Node.js application development.

Web Applications Made With Node.js

Node.js application development is entirely versatile. It can be used in almost every sphere of industry and it will yield interesting results either way. Here are some web applications which can be built using Node.js:

Chat Applications

When you think of real-time and multi-user, instant messaging is, perhaps, the top thing that comes to mind.  Any Node.js development company will be enthused at the prospects of building web applications for chatting because the application leverages the strengths of Node.js. A chatting application is expected to be fast, should anticipate high-traffic, and it is also data-intensive, running on multiple devices at the same time. Basically, when you hire Node.js developers for such a project, expect outstanding results.

Data Streaming Applications

Unlike more conventional web development platforms which treat HTTP requests and responses as separate events when they are, in fact, streams, Node.js does what is required of it. It is able to leverage the excellent features to do things like process files in the process of upload, real-time media encoding, proxying different data sources, etc.

Web Applications for Monitoring Systems

Do you need to track people who visit your website? Do you want to see how they interact with your platform? Node.js application development includes a two-way socket for both the client-side and server-side to manage things on both ends of the spectrum. Imagine a platform where so much activity goes on regularly, say, a stock trading website. You can hire a Node.js development company to help you develop an application for tracking stock prices, perform computations, and even present it in the form of a chart.

Companies Using Node.js Application Development

Several notable companies are making use of Node.js and they are recording tremendous results. Reputable companies like PayPal, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Mozilla, and Netflix all have a Node.js development company on their side. Let’s observe a few statistics. Of these five, Netflix is the company with the smallest recorded users, with just 81 million subscribers. Mozilla is available in over 80 languages and it is open-sourced.

Yahoo has over 500 million consumers, and they are into news, search, etc. LinkedIn, in 200 countries, has 400 million members and PayPal has 184 million active customers.


The revolution is here. Node.js is well on its way to being the most popular open-sourced development platform and with so many promised features and enhancements, this might just become a reality.

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