For years, Apple has made it a necessity to announce new and improved features to its products monthly. Apple’s March event like every other has a lot of new features for its users. There are two new subscription service features Apple has introduced to improve the use of its products by users. One of these is a video service that takes viewing to the next level.

The next service is an all in one subscription news/magazine service. Both of these features are designed and developed by some of the best mobile app developers. Adding these services to the already existing options is a huge plus for both the company and users.

To learn more about both services, keep reading, as this article is aimed at giving you all the information you need.

Apple Video Service

This highly anticipated feature has been rumored to put Apple in the same class with other streaming options. Some of these big brand competitors include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime video. After many years of failed attempts to create a proper internet TV service, Apple’s best mobile app developers have finally made their very own TV app available.

Previously, Apple had dedicated a considerable amount of resources into a lot of original programmings such as House of Cards, The Blatant Shark and many others. This popular mobile app development company in USA (Apple) needed something more significant to cater to its users – which is why the Apple Video Service was created.

Although rumors had stated that owners of Apple devices would be able to stream some of the service’s original programs for free, another report says differently. It’s now reported that Apple has decided to charge an undisclosed fee for viewing. Also, the Apple TV app has been rumored to allow easy subscription to channels like HBO, Showtime, and Starz for $9.99 each for a month.

How To Access the Apple TV Service

Even the best mobile app developers can recognize the fact that creating an app to be compatible across several platforms can be a hassle. Hence, right now, the leading idea is that the Apple TV service will be integrated directly into the TV app on iOS and Apple TV. However, currently, the service cannot be accessed via a Mac, Windows or Android.

This leaves this mobile app development company in the USA with a lot of bugs to be fixed. They need to make this service available across all iOS platforms. For desktop computers, using a browser is an easy solution; however, all other platforms require an app.

Also, creating a direct TV app for users to view their choice of movies and videos is still in the works. Right now, even though you can make your choice of movies, the Apple service still connects viewers to a third party streaming app before it can be played. Hopefully, this will be fixed, and viewers can enjoy direct access to their shows via the app created for it.

Apple’s News Subscription Service

Getting up to date, reliable and factual information about the day to day happenings is a necessity in life.

This mobile app development company in the USA is set to give the public easy access to the news, regardless of location. With the help of the best mobile app developers, Apple is set to expand the scope of its news app. The idea is to connect several hundred online news and magazines, which usually require money before you can access their content. To make this possible, Apple needs to hire iOS app developer to take this bold step. With the help of the best mobile app developers, it’s likely to be a success. This ultimately means better news coverage and newer content for users hassle-free.

How Much is The Subscription Fee?

Apple is said to charge only $10 per month for its news service but aims to keep over 50% of the earnings for itself. While this might seem like a small request, it’s caused some new developments. Apparently, some of the third party online news publications are not too keen on this offer. For example, the New York Times and the Washington Post have both bailed on this arrangement. However, the Wall Street Journal is believed to have accepted the terms. Although this is a huge deal, losing two major publishers isn’t a great start either.

According to the Times, they backed out mostly as a result of the 50% subscription revenue asked by Apple. This is because this figure is higher when compared to 30% from App subscriptions and In-App payments. This hasn’t stopped Apple, as they’re still in the middle of launching. Apple understands the need to hire an iOS app developer for its launch. One of the pros of Apple being a huge technology company is the fact that a lot of people use their products.

Hence, achieving the usage needed to attain the 50% subscription revenue should be hassle-free. With more users, 50% will be attainable and getting more publishers to partner with might not be a problem. This is possible because Apple reportedly stated this service would be heavily promoted. However, it will be interesting to know how many publishers would love to add their content to this.

To Wrap it Up

Apple has always been a frontrunner when it comes to new trends and technology, and they are not holding back this time. These new features and services have made a large number of Apple users excited for their release. Despite the numerous setbacks faced by Apple prior to this announcement, they’re still ready to launch the services. Apple is set to launch and make these services available to all Apple users. All you need to do is keep updated with the important dates to find out when they’ll be released.