Dedicated Developers is a software development company and we consider ourselves the best food delivery app development company. We offer various digital solutions to businesses of all sizes looking to grow and make a statement in the online world. Our services include:

  • Software product development
  • Full-stack development
  • Cloud computing services
  • IoT solutions
  • Enterprise mobility strategies
  • Mobile application development

One of our strongest fields is mobile application development. Not only do we specialize in the development of mobile apps for different operating systems, but we consider our agency a food delivery app development company. We have a team of experts (local and off-shore) who specialize in creating high-performing apps to help each customer’s project meet its digital goals.

The Boom of Food Delivery Apps

Since the first food delivery apps were developed and launched to the digital market, the food delivery industry changed completely. They gave customers more comfortable dining options without them having to sacrifice their schedules, dress up to go to a restaurant, or without even having to move from the comfort of their living rooms.

With food delivery app development, restaurants could have new sales opportunities and reach a wider audience, therefore grow their business, even during times of crisis. 

For these reasons, food delivery apps keep increasing in their popularity, and every day more and more entrepreneurs are investing and developing their take on this service. At Dedicated Developers, we understand the impact that food delivery apps have had over the past several years. As experts in this field, we make it part of our mission to constantly update our team with the latest trends and technology to provide functional, creative, and user-friendly solutions that’ll lead our customers’ projects to success.

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Why Should You Hire Our Food Delivery App Development Services?

It comes as no surprise that when food delivery apps became the latest craze in the food industry, multiple app development companies started offering these types of development services. So, in this highly competitive world, what makes us stand out from our competitors? Let’s get into how our services will benefit your company and why our team is the right one to develop the best app for you.

Professionalism and Expertise

After over a decade of being in the mobile app development business, we’ve learned from past mistakes, we’ve worked on perfecting our weak areas, and we’ve built a strong team of developers that altogether will help you turn your visions and ideas into a reality. 

Freelance developers who offer services of this sort can offer cheaper yet more informal solutions. As a software development company, we guarantee scalable apps that will deliver fast results for your business. Moreover, we base our strategies on your project timeline and budget in order to deliver cost-effective solutions that meet your goals.

We Constantly Update Our Team And Strategies

An important element that makes us stand out from the rest of the mobile app development companies is that we work in-house to always be up to date with the latest technology trends and marketing strategies, as well as the current and upcoming trends in the food delivery industry. 

This allows us to understand the users on a deeper level, identify their needs, and deliver solutions that provide what your customers expect from an app of this type. Each member of our team is an expert in their field. We work with marketing experts, professional app developers, trend analysts, and UX designers to deliver a complete project. 

High-Quality Functional and User-Friendly Features

Food delivery apps need specific features integrated into the app to become more attractive, easier to use, and provide the solutions that your users expect. You don’t have to worry about your app missing any important feature, we will integrate the basic plug-ins that you need and add any other specific feature that you want. 

We’ll make sure that your app users:

  • Can easily sign up and log in to become part of your community
  • Have a functional and easy to spot search bar
  • Offer a unique experience when adding items to their cart, placing the order, and checkout
  • Create different and convenient payment options
  • Receive push notifications 
  • Can track their order in real-time and have all the information they need while they wait for their food
  • Have the option of writing reviews and rating their experiences 

Besides having these basic features, we’ll help you analyze and determine which other elements or plug-ins will add value to your project and create a difference among your competitors.

Future Updates 

Once we finish the project and hand it to you, we make sure that you and your business partners fully understand how the app works and how to make all the changes you need to keep it up to date. 

On the other hand, if your app has any glitches we will assist you and repair them immediately. We will make sure that your app is always commercially viable.

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Our Solutions Benefit Your Users, The Restaurants, And The Delivery Guys

Besides thinking of your business values, your brand identity, and your project’s goals while developing your app, we work with your users, affiliate restaurants, and delivery guys in mind. We want every member of your food delivery app’s community to benefit from it and to feel comfortable when using it. 

Besides adding the previously mentioned features to provide enhanced experiences for your customers, we assure that the affiliate restaurants have all the features they need to deliver the best services possible. Through the app, they’ll be able to generate coupons, manage delivery areas, edit their menu, manage their orders, and more. 

Moreover, we also make sure that the app benefits the delivery guys. They’ll receive requests and get notified about new orders or cancellations in real-time, communicate directly with the clients, manage their orders, and access their order history at all times.

Increased ROI

Finally, by having a high-quality functional food delivery app, you’ll have more satisfied customers, constantly increase the number of affiliate restaurants, and overall, you’ll have happier community members. With every party benefiting from your project and more people interested in being part of it, your business will keep growing, and your ROI will noticeably increase.

Have A Food Delivery App Idea?

If you’d like to discuss your food delivery app idea or how your business could benefit from food delivery app development, I offer a limited number of free strategy sessions each month. Book your call now or simply call us directly at (770) 274-4482.