We live in a country that’s arguably the best place on this planet to live…

Sure, we have many problems, and the government does everything they can to erode our hard fought and won freedoms. (Another subject for another newsletter.) But, with as many flaws as our country has… it’s the greatest land of opportunity, without a close second (the Brits would argue different but hey-ho they can shout all they like)…

Yet, in this land of truly unlimited opportunity to attain great wealth… and the financial freedom that goes with having lots of money… most people starve!

Now, I don’t mean literally starving for food (although there are plenty of people who are near that level). I’m referring to a form of starving that is just as deadly, painful, depressing, lonely and empty. What kind of starving is this?

Suffering From the Hunger for a Full Life!

The dictionary defines “starvation” as suffering from hunger or want. Neither of these terms necessarily relates to food, which is how most of us think about starvation. But, food isn’t what I’m talking about at all. No. What I’m talking about is that virtually everyone is suffering from the hunger for enjoying all that life has to offer, and from want of a life full of excitement, fun, loving relationships, looking forward to getting out of bed every day… in other words, a full, rich and wondrous life!

Most people merely survive as best as they can.


Have you, or anyone you know, ever had the experience of waking up wishing you could awaken in someone else’s life? Somehow, just step into their existence, and become them?

Have you, or anyone you know, ever looked in the mirror in the cold, dark dawn… and imagined a different face, a face of a wildly successful, rich and enthusiastic person staring back at you?

See, most people feel like this, although they won’t admit it out loud to too many people.


Because people might think you’d be whining or complaining for no good reason. “After all,” they’d say, “You have it pretty good. You have a roof over your head, a decent job, a decent house, and you should be able to retire with enough money to pay your bills. What are you complaining about? People in Kosovo are lucky to have their family alive, a roof over their heads and food in their kid’s stomachs. You don’t have it so bad, so quit whining!”

Is “Getting By” Acceptable?

Now, in some respects, they’re right. People in the third world do have it pretty lousy. But… what the hell does that have to do with YOU? You didn’t create those corrupt governments that destroy their people. You can’t do anything to change that. And, because they have it bad over there, why does that mean you have to be hungry for the true maximum value life has to offer?

Why should you be satisfied with just “getting by,” or merely being able to “pay your bills?” What’s the deal with that?

See, I think that each day you just “get by,” is a wasted day. Yes, you heard me right. A wasted day. If all you did was go to work, come home, do the same things you do every day, watch some TV and go to bed so you could be ready for tomorrow’s same old, same old… what have you accomplished? What have you done that will lead you to a better place in life? What have you contributed to the world? What have you done to achieve your life’s true purpose?

I would say not much. And you know, deep down in your heart, that living like this, just “getting by,” or “paying your bills”… isn’t what life should be all about.

You know you feel unsatisfied, and want more. But you repress these feelings and try to bury them deep in your soul. Have you ever analyzed why you keep those feelings stuffed in the inner recesses of the most secret corners of your mind and heart?

If you do, you’d have to admit that the reason you do whatever you do is because that’s what you THINK you’re supposed to be doing! Right? I mean, if you thought you were really supposed to be doing something else, wouldn’t you be doing it?

The Strangest Secret!

Now what I’m about to share with you is a secret I discovered on my own years ago, and then later heard a tape about it; recorded when I was still a little boy… Earl Nightingale’s “Strangest Secret.”

This secret may be amongst the top five secrets of life that people who have their life EXACTLY where they want it to be all share. It’s a secret ingredient that when missing, stops everyone not using it from getting where they want, and keeps their business from being the wild success they want.

In fact, as you’ll see in a second, it’s literally impossible to get EXACTLY what you want out of life without being well versed in doing this one secret.

So what’s the secret? It’s so simple that when I tell you, you’re going to be thinking, “Who doesn’t know this?” But, I have to warn you, almost everyone doesn’t know this or practice it… or else the 99% of unfulfilled people wouldn’t be so dissatisfied.

Here it is:

You Will Become What You Think About Becoming!

“What?” you’re asking. “What does that mean?” Good question. Here’s the answer.

See, anyone who’s ever accomplished anything they consider exciting, worthwhile or otherwise filling their heart with the warmth of true success… started out by first thinking about what they wanted to become before they became what they became!

Sound overly simplistic or confusing? It might, for now. But I hope by the time we’re done with this newsletter, you’ll understand this secret and, more importantly, begin using it for your own benefit!

OK. See, when you analyze what I’m saying, you have to realize and admit that whatever you’ve become in life is 100% tied to your thoughts. 100% tied to what your conscious mind tells you; where you belong and what you’re going to do. Or NOT do!

Right? How could you be moving through your life and think that some outside influence, some outside force, some outside leader… has instructed you to do what you do?

The only thing telling you what to do is your own mind!

YOU are in complete control of your life and what you’re doing.

Now it may not seem this way, but it is very, very true. As much as many people like to use outside forces as the excuses or blame for their circumstances… it’s not the reality of what’s going on!


You have thought about what you’re doing now, and that’s why you’re doing what you’re doing and experiencing what you’re experiencing

“But wait,” you might be saying. “I think about having a real life, with real money and real freedom all the time. If your theory is true, why am I still just ‘getting by,’ and barely ‘paying the bills?’ In fact, it’s worse than that… because I also hate what I do, and dread getting up each day. If your ‘secret’ was worth anything, I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in, would I?”

Well, the answer to that is “not exactly.”

Why? Because my saying that you will become what you think about becoming has to be taken very literally. You’ll notice I didn’t say that you’ll become what you wish to become. And there’s a reason for that.

See, what you call “thinking about,” I believe to really be “wishing for.”

And, this seemingly little difference… IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!

Wishing And Hoping Is NOT The Same As Thinking!

Here’s why I’m making this bold statement. When you wish for something, as the dictionary defines it, you are longing, desiring and craving for whatever it is you’re wishing about!

Thinking, on the other hand, is very different. The dictionary says thinking is, Holding as a belief or opinion, forming a mental concept of, holding or bearing in mind, expecting!

These are two very different concepts and two very different activities going on in your head.

Wishing is merely desiring and craving a different life. While thinking is believing, seeing the reality and expecting it to happen!

Why is this technical difference so important?

It is so critical because the strangest secret only works when your mind is convinced, that you have the opinion and expectation that the new life you want will actually happen… and happen soon!

See, the way your subconscious mind works, is to take the instructions given to it by your conscious thoughts… and direct your actions accordingly.

But, the subconscious mind does not consider wishes as instructions. It pays no attention to them at all. Why?

Because they are not firm beliefs, opinions and convictions that are full of positive expectations. They are merely vapors of hope, but not true thinking. And, thus they do not tell the subconscious mind what you should do, and hence, it doesn’t do anything.

But… when you constantly think and believe and expect specific things to happen to you…

Your subconscious will work 24/7 to literally force you to take the actions necessary to become what you think about becoming!

It’s truly a miracle of life! See, let’s say you’re in a job, or relationship, or other circumstance you really can’t stand and maybe even despise.

If that’s true, and you want to get out, to be free, to call your own shots… unless you specifically and constantly envision EXACTLY what your new found freedom will look like, taste like and smell like… it’ll never happen!

But, if you do think about EXACTLY what the experience your new life will feel like… in no time at all, you’ll get it.

So, what about YOU? What do YOU want to become?

Are you going to wish for it to happen… or are you going to start the never-ending process of thinking of becoming what you want to become?

If you do make the switch from wishing to really thinking, then you’ll have a great shot at running your life any way you want, through a business that runs the way YOU decide it’s going to run!

Think about what a head start you have being here now. Think about how much of an advantage over other people you have by being clued in on the easiest, most successful methods of bringing in cash and building the business you want.

Is that great or what?

Using the various services we provide, you truly have access to almost everything you need with one exception!

We can’t help you THINK and lose the wishing.

That part’s your job… Hop to it…