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Automotive Industry

The automotive manufacturers along with their partners are witnessing radical changes with respect to their businesses with the emergence of the latest digital technology and high-end innovative approaches in the automotive industry. At Dedicated Developers, we are adept at offering technical expertise in the automotive industry through our top-class consulting solutions, technical in-depth knowledge, and the best-in-class innovative delivery processes for helping out the automotive industry manufacturers and business owners successfully leverage the emerging technologies like the digital mobility, telematics, analytics, and social media integrations. In addition to this, we also aim to improve the core manufacturing as well as the supply chain processes that serve to be the best in the world.

Dedicated Developers combine in-depth industry knowledge with cutting-edge technology expertise in the field of offering top-class innovative solutions in the field of automotive industry. Our high-end innovative solutions are aimed at creating digital experiences that are addressed towards meeting the unique business needs in the most effective manner. Our comprehensive range of technical solutions in the automotive industry is spread across diverse aspects of the automotive industry including supply chain & manufacturing, product engineering, marketing, sales, distribution, after-sales, and the overall warranty management. The advanced range of highly innovative automotive IT services & solutions offered by Dedicated Developers is aimed at helping the automotive companies deliver a highly connected and enhanced experience to their respective end users and to engage effectively through the given customer lifetime.

Challenges and

The diverse range of IT services and solutions in the automotive industry offered by Dedicated Developers is aimed at complying with the unique business requirements in order to achieve the highest level of industry success. We offer custom IT solutions towards meeting the specific requirements of the various automotive clients.

Through our comprehensive range of IT services and solutions in the Automotive industry, we aim to address the industry-specific challenges and the available opportunities.

Regulation Compliance

Regulation Compliance

The automotive industry is subject to a host of regulation compliance orders and standard by the government including the ISO standards and the Automotive SPICE. With the constant need to comply with these regulatory standards, we are helping our partners involved in the automotive industry to achieve the desired results effectively.

Traditional Methods and Tools

Traditional Methods and Tools

The automotive processes are driven by high-quality hardware systems. The presence of traditional tools and methodologies tend to hinder the overall production process. As a result, the overall costs and time for marketing the product increased. By utilizing our high-end software services, the automotive industries can harness the benefits of lesser cost and time savings.

Increasing Competition

Increasing Competition

The automotive industry is facing the wrath of increasing competition. To help our partners stay ahead in the given competition, we design and implement highly effective IT solutions and services for them.

Cost Factor

Cost Factor

Use of technology not only brings ease to your life but also allow your pocket to breath, you can get a phenomenal cost reduction with the help of web and mobile software technology.

Our Automotive Service Offerings

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    Automotive Application Services

  • Mobile application and mobility solutions

    Supply Chain Management

  • Resource Optimization

    Enterprise Support & Management

  • Resource Optimization

    Dealer Management Services (DMS)

  • Resource Optimization

    Mobile Application and Mobility Solutions

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How Dedicated Developers Delivers Business Value


We have a dedicated team of the industry experts who are well qualified and experienced in the given field to ensure the best results for your business.

We offer a great level of industry expertise in the automotive industry rendering high-end IT solutions and services.

We have been constantly helping the tours and transportation companies by offering an entire package of high-end IT as well as software solutions.

We offer highly effective software solutions in the real time parameters helping the automotive partners harness the benefits of the ever-rising digital world.