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Audvisor’s iOS and Android apps deliver powerful 3-minute micro-podcasts that are filled with actionable insights from various world-class experts. The podcasts are designed to help listeners grow and improve in a variety of areas and the content is always on “TRACK” - Timeless – Relevant – Actionable – Curated – Knowledge. The company likes to say “Audvisor makes people wiser… and wise people make Audvisor!”

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SanFranscisco, CA

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July 2019


Rajesh Setty

quote markI found the Dedicated Developers team to be extremely skilled and innovative. Whenever we had a constraint or a challenge, the engineering talent from the Dedicated Developers team always came up with options and suggestions instead of allowing the project to come to a standstill. The company initially helped us with visioning and strategy and then built a defined roadmap and helped us implement it. The end result was a simple, intuitive and highly effective user experience for our iOS and Android apps. We are very pleased with the collaboration and are thrilled with the final product that their team delivered. quote mark


Audvisor’s vision was to create Android and iOS apps that deliver 3 minute micro podcasts to its target audience. We quickly realized that user interface and user experience would be critical to the apps’ success and created a design that would appeal to a high-end market consisting of startup company founders and senior executives at major corporations. The state-of-the-art user interface design is both attractive and highly functional – providing even first-time app users with quick and easy access to relevant and desirable podcast content.

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Interaction Design

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System Integration

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