Ruby on Rails is a popular open source web application framework built and licensed by MIT and is fast becoming a household name. This is due to the ease of maintaining and deploying web applications using this framework. No wonder popular web Applications such as GitHub, SoundCloud, and Airbnb sought to hire Ruby on Rails programmer at the beginning.

Built in 2005, Ruby on Rails works with object-oriented models and is fast becoming the number one choice for web application development in every industry ranging from entertainment to e-commerce.  Ruby on Rails, being an open-source framework which has flexible compatibility requirement, cuts the time involved in building a web application.

Developers can easily complete projects by taking advantage of the open-source platform to complete projects by making use of its libraries with over 63,000 codes, often referred to as gems.

The flexibility of Ruby on Rails frameworks is attested to by the increasing number of developers in this field. Even though the number of Ruby on Rails programmers are on the rise, searching for Ruby on Rails developers that are up to standard can be a daunting task. You may wonder why this is, despite the fact that Ruby on Rails is an easy framework.

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Well, it’s because no matter how simple a language is, certain underlying skills are needed. Besides, Ruby on Rails developers with a high-level of proficiency are highly in demand, so if you need to hire Ruby on Rails programmers, know that you have competition.

We’ll discuss a few essential tips on how to hire a Ruby on Rails developer who will give you a level of service that’s worth the value of your money.

• Recruitment Agencies

Instinctively, in our search for any individual who offers a service we need, we turn to recruitment agencies that can connect us to the right developers. While this may be good in other areas it’s not advisable to hire Ruby on Rails developer from recruitment agencies. This is due to the fact that the best and most talented Ruby on Rails developers are not readily available there.

But if you need to make an online search, you can post your job opening on the Ruby Inside Job Board. Although it’s not advisable, recruitment agencies should be explored only when other means of getting a Ruby on Rail developer proves unsuccessful.

• Meetups

In order for you to meet with and hire Ruby on Rails developers, it’s highly recommended that you attend Meetups and events held by the Ruby on Rails community in your locality. This is really beneficial because it gives you an opportunity to speak directly with Ruby on Rails developers who you may hire.

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Speaking with them might lead you to the Ruby on Rails developer you may eventually hire. You can get a list of Ruby on Rails developer meetings coming up in your locality on This is recommended essentially when you need a Ruby on Rails developer in your locality.

• ROR Community

The Ruby on Rails community is essentially one place where you can also get Ruby on Rails developers. Talented Ruby on Rails developers are always in communities. This is where updates, bugs fixes, and solutions are shared.

This shouldn’t serve as a yardstick in evaluating the capabilities before you hire a Ruby on Rails developer. Your Ruby on Rails developer can be an active member of the Ruby on Rails community, but if they aren’t then there’s no issue with it.

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Also look for those who contribute to the open-source codes. These are the ones who fix bugs, work on codes, and lots more. They definitely understand the Ruby on Rail framework and offer essentially the best service. When you hire Ruby on Rails programmers via this method, they usually turn out to be top programmers who are proficient and possess critical thinking and good communication skills.

• Look for Previous Projects and Experience

Any Ruby on Rails developer you plan on hiring should have worked on past projects which you can access to see if they meet your standards or requirements.  Working on past projects will guarantee that they possess a good understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework. Though easy to understand, practice will further enhance their skills. Projects also translate to experience which is a valuable key and an added advantage when employing a Ruby on Rails developer.

• Proficiency

This is mandatory in hiring any software developer; whether you want to hire Ruby on Rails programmers or Python developers. To find a good Ruby on Rails developer it’s essential for you to request for reviews on past projects. This will help you in understanding how past clients feel about the services offered. Aside from the skills, the reviews help you in discerning how they treat their clients and if that can meet deadlines for project completion.


These are practical measures which should be adhered to when you want to hire a Ruby on Rails programmer. Another way you can hire a Ruby on Rails developer is by connecting with developers who work for companies but are interested in engaging in other projects, via freelancing. This can be done only if you do not plan on employing them full time.

A common mistake made relates to the requirement of a university degree in the employment of Ruby on Rails developers.  Not all the best Ruby on Rails developer are university graduates. As far as they can do the job intended then a university degree should not be a requirement.

To hire Ruby on Rails programmers can be quite daunting, especially because of the number of Ruby on Rails developers available. Follow these tips and you’ll fare well. As well, contacting professional development companies, that already employ the best skilled Ruby on Rails developers can make the search for just the right programmer a breeze. When you’re ready to hire a Ruby on Rails developer, be sure to Contact Us at Dedicated Developers, and we’ll work with you to create just the right Ruby on Rails project for your company.