Experience tells us that the field of software development is one that evolves rapidly. It’s constantly accepting new tools, discarding obsolete frameworks as soon as a better alternative comes along. As a custom software development company, it’s impossible to embrace complacency. The best line of action is to anticipate new trends in the software development sphere and actively position yourself for the changes.

The same goes for businesses that aspire to hire developers in 2019. Do you have information pertaining to the new trends in the field? Are you well aware of the skills that your web development company in the USA lacks? Do you know the impact of certain proficiencies and other technologies?

Software Development Trends in the Past

In 2018, we saw the rise of several new frameworks and tools. Certain companies made drastic changes to their languages, and others completely obviated certain conventions. Yet, some organizations included new paradigms as to how a website is crawled, advising developers to adhere to a certain convention.

The year 2019 is another exciting year that holds several possibilities. Whether you’re a client looking to hire developers or you’re the manager of a web development company in USA, keeping track of these trends is the only way to stay ahead of the game.

Software development

In the ensuing paragraphs, we’ll provide you with a rundown of what you should expect in the coming year.

Your Custom Software Development Company Should Favor Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps, or PWA as they are more fondly called, are websites that are created to simulate native mobile apps. These apps are not downloaded, yet they provide the user with the capability and functionality of a traditional mobile application.

Astounding, right? This is the reason why these apps are enjoying prominence in the software development world today. They are being widely adopted in almost every industry you know: media, e-commerce, healthcare, and even the financial sector.

You can also contact a custom software development company to create PWAs that load 4 times faster than a conventional app, giving you a higher click-through rate and improved customer satisfaction. If you want to capture a large share of the software development market in 2019, hire dedicated developers who can build Progressive Web Apps.


Artificial Intelligence Still Underpins Software Development

Companies like IBM and Google are making it mandatory for their new software developers to know the fundamentals of AI and machine learning. This is because AI-driven development ensures that the best practices are adhered to when creating tools that incorporate AI into the software. As a custom website development company, you must have observed the increasing demand for professionals with knowledge of AI.

This demand is bound to grow based on the innumerable applications of AI to business operations. Software development is a field that has enjoyed tremendous success, yet experts claim that the integration of artificial intelligence provides unprecedented opportunities for breakthrough.

Your Web Development Company in the USA Must Change Its Approach to Security

2018 was the year when data became more valuable than money. Investigations are still ongoing regarding the role of data in the 2016 elections and this development forced the regulatory bodies to change their approach to data security and customer protection.

When you hire developers to work on your project in 2019, make sure they understand these new regulations. Most companies are now mandated to have a data security officer who ensures compliance with these rules. It’s also compulsory to report any breach to security. Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse.

This means you cannot afford to hire a custom software development company that provides lackluster security functionalities. If you do, you’ll be responsible for any negative consequence. In summary, make sure you hire developers who are able to assure you of improved security techniques.

Make Room for Cloud Services in 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has proved to be a reliable provider of cloud services for a while now. But the competition in the market is becoming stiffer, with technology giants seeking to usurp their rivals. The fight is fierce, and this has brought about increased customer satisfaction, as well as improved service delivery.

In 2019 you should not just expect conventional services on the cloud but anticipate new services that were hitherto unavailable via the cloud. For instance, blockchain technology, virtual reality, and the internet of things are all burgeoning rapidly and we can expect new opportunities in this regard.

Hire Dedicated Developers Who Understand Blockchain Technology

Skeptics are quick to point out the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and they cite this irregularity as the reason why blockchain technology is bound to fail. However, the adoption of this technology is on the rise and investors are not deterred. The benefit of blockchain technology is clear for all to see and it is being adopted in almost every mainstream industry.

As a business owner, it’s also recommended that you incorporate a decentralized technology in your operation. It helps in the effective distribution of resources, safeguards data and enforces privacy, helps with supply chain management, and also proves useful when it comes to identity management. When you hire dedicated developers who have a basic understanding of blockchain technology, you create room for growth in your business.


We can also expect to see the rise of new frameworks and languages in 2019, although the switch should be executed with caution. As a developer, you should still prioritize code quality and domain-driven design. For content management systems, you should be familiar with the new development convention that bots favor when crawling the web. This will help your website search engine ranking.

You should also seek to develop websites and applications that seamlessly integrate new interactions with existing products and services. For instance, e-commerce stores that allow virtual reality testing, or real-time gaming/education services. These are trends that are bound to skyrocket before the end of the year 2019.

Are you a business owner looking to stay ahead of the curve in 2019? You need to speak to us about your business needs and we will provide an optimal solution for your company.