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Our Story

Behind the Curtain Story of Dedicated Developer's Growth and Innovation

How We Grew From Offering 2 Average Developers to Offering 200+ World's Elite Developers and Designers...


In 2006, the now-CEO of Dedicated Developers, Vishal Bhatia began independently offering his online marketing consultation services. Because Vishal was running the business on his own, growth became a challenge. To circumvent this issue, he hired contractors to whom he could delegate work and by 2007, Vishal had reduced his own hours by 75% and had more than doubled the business’s income. These early successes opened his eyes to the opportunities that contractors can provide, especially to small and startup companies.


As Vishal’s business grew, his colleagues began to take note. After a feature focusing on the company in Empowered Magazine, Vishal launched a coaching program for 25 students over 8 weeks. The program sold out in one hour. His students noted that even with the proper knowledge and resources, finding and training the right team for web design and mobile application development was a daunting and time consuming task. During a discussion with his students about this issue, the concept for Dedicated Developers was born.


The original name of Dedicated Developers was Ultimate Virtual Employee because the concept had, at first, included the possibility of hiring teams for any area of a business, from marketing consultation to virtual assistants to web or mobile application development. After a time, however, the company discovered that their customers were benefitting most from finding web and mobile app developers. Because of this discovery, they changed both their name and business model.


Vishal continued to put together and train expert teams of contractors and developers from all over the world, but growth began to slow again. Many of his contractors were working non-exclusively and in different time zones from other team members, causing unreliability and instability within the model. To overcome this issue, Vishal and his partner flew to several major cities across India and interviewed with 15 experienced mobile application development and software companies. After weeks of interviews and analysis, they shortlisted three ultra-reliable partner companies who could help create, manage, train, and find mobile development teams for Dedicated Developers. Uniquely, Vishal was from the outset absolutely committed to providing the best service to his clients and insisted on only utilizing A-Class developers with at least a masters’ degree and 3 to 5 years project experience. This proved to be a very smart move providing significant competitive advantage. Within one year, they had grown to 25 mobile app developers and had created streamlined workable system with their partners to identify the ideal developers for any project, manage these teams and deliver projects on time at a fraction of the cost an in-house or US based team would cost.


Their experience working with contractors and freelancers means Dedicated Developers fully understand the frustrations that can be caused by the typical outsourcing model. They know how difficult it is to find the right talent, they know how difficult it is to manage remote developers, they know how challenging it it to keep outsourcers motivated and on schedule; and they know how painful and costly it can be when projects run over time and over budget. And this is exactly what they solve. Their mobile application development teams dedicate one hundred percent of their time to a single company, instead of several at once. And with every project managed from the US clients appreciate the continuity and easy, rapid communication. This model has allowed Dedicated Developers to offer a low cost, low overhead, no commitment solution to companies who require a high level of skill from their development teams.


In 2011, Dedicated Developers took on an ambitious project to create a mobile app for the fitness industry. This project would change the way they do business. The concept and execution were highly complex, requiring integration of GPS, SMS, social media a membership site and more. Determined to deliver an outstanding app even if it meant a reduced profit from the project, they hired a market-leading technical architect with over 25 years experience, who remains with the company today. After less than a year, the team had completed the app. During that time, they had developed a bespoke, winning methodology for designing mobile apps which dramatically increases project success for the client while reducing development time and cost: first, clear blueprints based on client needs are created, removing ambiguity and ensuring customer satisfaction; then, interactive wireframes are built using Balsamiq to streamline assembly before the app is created.


In their quest to help as many clients as possible reduce their project cost and time, Dedicated Developers has recently taken another innovative move and is now available as a freelance web and mobile developer for hire through TeamHunt.


Now, after 9 years of business, Dedicated Developers is made up of over 200 developers with masters-level degrees in Computer Engineering located in multiple offices. And, for as little as a few thousands dollars a month provide development skills and prowess previously only available to Fortune 500 companies with millions of dollars in budget. It is safe to say Dedicated Developers clients enjoy a unique and powerful advantage over their competition.

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