I suppose it’s hardly surprising people assume that the day their ‘shiny new’ developer arrives they’ll suddenly be twice as productive.

The trouble is, our experience shows us that unless you follow these ground rules then well… you’re in for a shock!

So, here are 3 super-easy ways to double or more your developer’s productivity in 48 hours or less… read on…

Tip #1 – Train Your Developers

You definitely want to invest some time when you bring them on board, and make sure you train them.  Tell them what the vision of your company is, and enroll them in your vision.  If you take your developer, whether overseas or locally, as just a developer who’s going to work some piece of code which you don’t want to do, and the developer feels that they’re not really important, that really brings their productivity down.

If you tell them that what they’re doing really makes a big impact on the way your company is growing, what your vision is, they really get excited.  That really helps, especially in an environment where the developer is not getting any face time with you.

Tip #2 – Appreciate Your Developers

In your communication, you always want to make sure that whenever they do a good job, appreciate them for that.  If they don’t do a good job, or if they miss something, be a little patient, at least in the first 3 to 4 weeks, and give them some very constructive feedback of what they missed, and encourage them to not make those mistakes again.

Tip #3 – Check List to Aid Productivity

One thing that makes them very productive, is to build a specific checklist that the developer will follow every time he’s producing a site.  We figured out that most of the websites and other development projects have a very specific routine of work process that needs to be followed to deliver a successful website, or some other development project.  Every day that is followed.

At the end of the day, when they send a status report, they tell us exactly what was missed, what the progress is from the checklist.  That keeps the team on track, that keeps the morale high, and that keeps them very productive.

Put these into practice and let me know how you get on!

Talk soon,


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