Building an online presence is a must for any brand to liaise with different companies and sell their services. Based on the fact that everything is digitized now, owning a brand without an online presence isn’t ideal. When deciding how to reach your prospective clients online, there are only two options: a mobile app or a web application. Hiring a web and mobile development company to create both opportunities is always a good idea. However, the question of which to begin with first is tricky. Although they are different, they both offer the same thing to users. To fully understand which should be developed first, it’s ideal to know both options fully.

The Difference Between A Mobile App and a Web Application

While both of these options do a fantastic job of promoting a brand’s service, they are entirely different.

Web App Development

Web Application

A web application is a compilation of linked HTML pages that are browser-based and can be accessed via a 3G or 4G network. Web applications can be mobile friendly and designed with a touch screen interface. This makes it easier to access it from any mobile device in any part of the world. Any web and mobile development company you hire will know that web applications use a responsive web design that allows its users to access videos, links, text content, data, and click-to-call options.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are applications that can be accessed once downloaded to your phone. While both options require an internet-based connection, you don’t need to make use of a browser to use a mobile app. These apps are usually available in a portal based on the specific device. For example, the Play Store for Android and Apple’s App Store for iPhones. Top app developers in the USA that offer mobile app development services have created some apps in a manner that doesn’t require the internet to work.

The goal of every brand is to get the best of both options out into the public arena before other marketing techniques come into play. This is only achievable by hiring top app developers in the USA that offer mobile app development services. Before deciding which option is the best, the following questions should be considered:

  • Do you want to reach a wide range of people?
  • Will your users most likely visit your app over five times a day?
  • How often will your user require your service offline?
  • Will your service need updating periodically?
  • How much is your budget?

The Pros Of A Web Application

The best way to determine which of the options you should start with is to consider their pros. This way you can decide which is the perfect alternative to choose from. For a web application, the following are some of the benefits:


One of the significant pros when it comes to web applications is the fact that they can be accessed instantly. Unlike mobile apps that require its users to download it first, web applications can be accessed via a browser. This also makes them super easy to find, as they can be searched for easily.

Can Be Easily Upgraded

Any good Web and mobile app development company that offers mobile app development services knows that updating a web application is more comfortable compared to an app. Unlike apps that require its users to download an upgrade, web applications can easily be changed with an edit button. This makes it easier to add new updates.

Compatible with Different Devices

Web applications are usually compatible with different devices and can function adequately across any. However, mobile apps might require a different version for various devices. Ultimately, integrating a URL is far more comfortable.

Web Applications Reach a Wider Range of People

Web applications can be shared easily across social media platforms via a URL, which makes it easier to reach a large group of people. Unlike apps, web applications, especially those with responsive designs, can be accessed by a lot of people.

A Longer Life Cycle

Web Application development services usually create an app to last under 30 days. Hence, it needs to be upgraded periodically to be useful. However, web applications are always available whenever the user is ready to access them.


According to, the average cost to build a mobile app is $17k. It’s often less for a web app, and that makes web applications the perfect choice for starting.

Web applications are usually high value for public communications and marketing for a brand. A responsive website will always trump an app in this case.

Mobile App Development

The Pros of a Mobile App

Mobile apps have become a favorite for many, and they have a lot of pros.


Mobile apps are great for everyday use. A great example is social media platforms like Facebook. If your users will most likely interact with your product daily, it’s advisable to seek the help of some top app developers USA.

Gaming Purposes

If you’re promoting gaming software, it’s always advisable to start with an app. It’s imperative that users can test your game before proceeding to download. A great example is Angry Birds or Temple Run, both exciting games, which can be accessed only via an app.

No Internet Required

A significant pro that trumps the use of web applications is the fact that you don’t need an internet connection to use it. Hence, if you need to provide access to users offline, then a mobile app is the best option.

Push Notifications

A handy shortcut for sending users messages is via push notifications. This can be done quickly via an app compared to a web application. You can easily notify current users about an important upgrade or other notices.

Most brands/services start with the web application first before an app is created. However, your choice of what option, to begin with, is solely dependent on your service being rendered. Based on the pros as mentioned earlier of each option, choosing the best for your brand or service will be more comfortable.