Apple’s innovative expertise in the tech world is one to be much admired and inculcated. This brand is truly a force to reckon with in the strides and trends they have made. Striving daily to produce only the best, the brand recently put out a new product set for their clients. This product is a brand new credit card suited for users of all variations of the iPhone.

Apple made it a point to hire an iOS app developer and stuck to the best in the business. According to sources, the Apple credit card will be relatively easy to use when compared to other conventional credit cards. Also, what’s impressive about the Apple credit card is the fact that it features a daily reward program. Aside from being a physical credit card, it’s also a digital card in the wallet app. This is all thanks to the iPhone app development company.

This feature takes the word “mobile money” to the next level. Because this is a brand new product, it’s vital for you to understand its value before making your verdict. Hence, the purpose of this article.

The following are the most important things you need to know about the Apple credit card.

It’s a Digital & a Physical Card

Everything right now is digitized. The digitization of many services around the world makes it easier for users to enjoy the benefits. A mobile app development company can greatly increase their businesses because the demand for mobile apps is on the rise. Having a crisp credit card with the Apple logo on it might seem like the ultimate upgrade. However, having a mobile payment option is more reliable. One of the many features curated by the iPhone app development company is making the credit card optimized for mobile payments. This feature enables users to make payments, regardless of location and time.

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Another fantastic benefit of utilizing this mobile app is you get a reward! If you purchase by Apple pay while using the app or NFC business terminals, you get 2% back as a daily reward. Keep in mind this only applies when you make use of Apple pay at locations where it’s accepted. If you mostly spend money at local businesses, then you might not maximize this benefit.

Rewards Program (Daily Cash)

The Apple credit card has been created with a lot of features, which benefit users greatly. One of these features is a reward program known as “Daily Cash.” Any mobile app development company can develop payment apps, but with the Apple service, the rewards are different. The Apple credit card reward program is straightforward, as it’s straightforward to grasp. You can make money in one of the following ways:

  • 3% credit back for purchases on Apple.
  • 2% credit back on transactions done with Apple pay.
  • 1% credit back from using the actual physical card.

The ways mentioned earlier are the means to get a certain percentage of your spent cash back. However, in a bid to further improve the user experience, an added upgrade was introduced. Unlike conventional mobile payment systems that make the rewards accessible to users at the end of the month, the iPhone app development company thought different. The Apple card makes daily cash available for users. These funds can be added to your overall balance, used for future purchases or sent to friends.

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No Definite Card Number

A very distinct and minimalist feature of the Apple credit card is the unavailability of a card number. Unlike several conventional credit cards, the Apple credit card is blank. While this might seem weird, it does have some benefits to it. The first benefit of having a card without a number is that it gives the user a sense of control. The Apple credit card number is generated in the wallet app, which ultimately means you can change it easily. Say bye to the stress of actually stopping at the bank whenever a breach is reported.

Another benefit of having a card without a number is that it reduces the risks of cybercrime. Hacking a credit card without an actual card number will be much more difficult when compared to a conventional card because they hire iOS app developer that is very good. This primarily translates to a high level of security for users globally.

Keeps Easy Track of Your Financial History

As mentioned before, it’s crucial to hire an iOS app developer with the skills to create the best mobile apps. This makes the general usage of a mobile app less tasking. This is easily noticed while using the Apple credit card virtually. One of the biggest perks, aside from the ones mentioned earlier is how informative it is. The app created by a mobile app development company makes the information behind every transaction history easily accessible and understandable. The following available features can help a user understand their financial history easier:

  • Apple maps make merchants easier to identify.
  • Color-coded charts for easy breakdown of your spending habits. If you’re conversant with budgeting apps like Mint, then navigating should be easy.
  • Charts that help you understand how much interest you might have to pay.
  • Schedule future payments without hassle.

With these features, you can easily navigate and improve your financial habits where necessary.

Interest Rates & Fees

Like every other payment system or solution, the interest rates are essential information for prospective users. It’s rumored that the interest rate for the Apple credit card would vary between 13.24% – 24.24%. However, this will be solely based on how good a user’s credit score is. What’s more exciting is the fee situation. Apple has promised there will be no annual fee, late payment fees, over-limit fees, and international payment fees.

In conclusion, it’s right to say that Apple outdid itself with this credit card. With a ton of benefits and an aesthetically pleasing looking card, the Apple credit card should be on the priority list of every iPhone user.