From industry heavyweights like Amazon and Twitter to small family-run businesses across the street, mobile apps can provide functionalities that boost the performance of businesses. However, an effective mobile strategy does not necessitate the use of a mobile app, as a mobile-friendly website can deliver the goods at a lower cost.

Top app development companies vie to provide brands with apps that help them reach their marketing goals. But many times, getting to know whether or not your startup needs a mobile app is the pressing question. How do you know that you’re in need of a mobile app solution?

Here are 10 clear pointers as to why your startup should hire an application development company to build a mobile app.

1. If a Mobile App Can Significantly Improve Brand awareness

Mobile apps present enormous potentials for brands to propagate their brand awareness. With stylish features that attract users, top app developers based in the USA can integrate them into an app to increase the intensity with which customers engage with the brand.

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A rule of thumb known as ‘effective frequency’ holds that potential customers are compelled to give your brand deeper considerations after hearing or seeing your brand for up to 20 times. Your startup truly needs an app if you’re able to figure out how a mobile app can help boost brand awareness significantly.

2. If Apps are Giving your Competitors an Upper Hand

The use of mobile apps by your competitors should raise a concern about whether or not your startup needs to join the bandwagon. You can check out the performances and customer reviews of the apps on relevant app stores to gain insights as to how an app is contributing to the success of a competitor.

If your rival’s app is racking up significant stats like a large number of downloads, good reviews, mentions, etc., then you might want to hire an application development company to help you achieve a similar feat.

3. When There are Specific Customer Problems that an App can Solve

If there are particular pain points that an app can solve, then an app that delivers such solutions will most likely gain wide usage. For instance, if an app can help your customers cut down the time spent in accessing your services, including time spent in transit, etc., then the idea of your app will likely fly. Top app development companies are usually keen on providing brand customers with functionalities that ease their pain points.

4. If the Rate of Your Business Activities Can Benefit From an App

The execution of a high volume of transactions can be facilitated via apps. If the volume of transactions increases to the point where your current service infrastructure and human resources might be stretched to their limits, then you can hire top app developers based in the USA to build an app that quickens the provision of your services.

5. If Frequent Interaction with Your Customers is Necessary for your Startup

An app can serve as a preferable means of communication for businesses that require frequent interaction with clients. For instance, mobile web solutions or email notifications may not prove suitable for a taxi service or a gaming outfit.

Top app developers based in the USA vie to develop apps with instant communication functionalities like push notifications in order to increase the frequency and speed of communication between businesses and customers.

6. If Your Startup Can Comfortably Afford the Cost of Building and Administering an App

There is a myriad of benefits that an app can confer on your business. However, hiring an application development company to build an excellent app requires a lot of planning and implementation efforts.

In order to be effective, your app must be able to take your customers through a captivating user journey that keeps them constantly on the app. From the design and implementation costs to requirements for approval of authorities and maintenance, building a worthwhile app can gobble up a lot of resources.

7. When the Functionalities of the App cannot be Provided by a Mobile-Friendly Website

The use of mobile phones has been a trend that has increasingly favored businesses on all levels. However, you might need to hire a top app development company to build a mobile app that taps into this mobile trend in a way that mobile-friendly websites won’t allow you to. Mobile-friendly websites are limited in the range of functions they can possibly provide, and mobile apps can fill the void in that regard.

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However, if the solution you’re looking to provide can be supplied by a mobile-friendly website, then it might not be a good idea to hire an application development company to build an app for that purpose.

8. To Deploy the Functionalities of a Mobile Device in Providing Services

If your line of services can incorporate the use of certain functionalities of a mobile device, including the camera, or microphone, then it might be an expedient idea to hire a top app development company to build an app. Such services are beyond the capacities of a mobile-friendly website.

9. When Your Startup Needs an Extensive Direct Marketing Channel

Most mobile users turn to apps to obtain information. In turn, a company can deploy an app as a channel for disseminating all kinds of information, from product information to special offers and promotional content. Top app developers based in the USA are usually keen on creating apps that come with expedient messaging functionalities like push messaging to allow brands to reach customers more efficiently and effectively.

10. If an App Can Serve as an Effective Means to Foster Customer Loyalty

In an age where average attention spans are increasingly shrinking due to the ever-increasing amount of information and advertising that bombard us every day, an app can help you connect with customers on a deeper level. By putting your brand in full view of your customers, where they always catch a glimpse of your app most times as they make use of their devices, you’re most likely to compel them to stick to your brand.


If the aforementioned reasons for building an app resonates with you, then it might be high time to hire an application development company to build a well-designed app. You can hire top app developers based in the USA to provide your customers with no-brainer solutions and to take your brand awareness campaign to the next level. When you’re ready, be sure to contact us.