Looking for the best appointment scheduling apps? We live in truly busy times. It seems like everybody has a jam-packed schedule these days and that means being able to properly manage our time is of the utmost importance.

Failure to manage time effectively leads to stress and stress has been shown to cause several health conditions, including cancer, heart disease, fibromyalgia, migraines, gastrointestinal problems, and arthritis, just to name a few.

Being unable to properly manage time can also lead to poor work performance, missed appointments, and the inability to spend valuable time with friends and family.

All of these things can lower our happiness and make us feel like our lives are out of control.

Luckily, there are apps that have been created that are designed to help us:

  • Better manage everything on our busy schedules
  • Lower stress
  • Regain control of our lives

To help you find the best appointment scheduling apps in 2021, we recently studied the market extensively. We found eight apps that range in features and pricing that all deliver superior scheduling assistance.

According to our market research, here are the best appointment scheduling apps in 2021.

Best Appointment Scheduling Apps In 2021

Calendly Appointment Scheduling App

Best scheduling app for business

This widely popular app bills itself as the “hub for scheduling meetings professionally and efficiently.” It has quickly become known as one of the best scheduling apps for business.

It is great for busy professionals because it allows them to make available a block of time for appointments and then allows others to come in and schedule a time period within that block that works for them.

It now has over 10 million users worldwide and it is very easy to use. To get started with Calendly, users simply create availability rules and then let the app do the rest of the work for them.

After set up, users just have to send a link to guests to schedule a time to meet. The link can also be embedded on a website for easy access.

Once guests use the link to pick a time, the appointment is automatically added to the user’s calendar.

One of the most-liked features, according to app users, is that the app allows them to easily pick specific times and days for appointments. Guests choose the best time for them and the appointment is instantly confirmed.

This eliminates a lot of the hassle of going back and forth and picking a time that fits both attendees’ schedules.

Acuity Appointment Scheduling App

Best Appointment Scheduling Apps Acuity

This powerful app bills itself as a user’s online assistant. The app takes care of the schedule filling and the user simply has to show up at the right time.

This convenience, in particular, is what makes this app one of the best scheduling apps for business and personal matters as well.

Users control their availability 24/7 and guests access the calendar and pick a time that works for them.

With Acuity, users can create multiple calendars and show guests only the calendar they want them to see. Additional app features include automatic time zone adjustment, automated reminders, and easy cancellation and rescheduling.

Acuity even goes beyond scheduling to offer business owners even more services. For example, the app can:

  • Accept online payments
  • Offer coupons, certificates, packages, and memberships
  • Provide video conferencing for meetings
  • And more

With features like those, Acuity is great not just for appointments but can also be used for classes, workshops, private sessions, and in-person interviews.

You could even have guests fill out additional paperwork when selecting a meeting time so that you have more information when it is time to meet.

Many business users say that Acuity is a great tool for running their business “end-to-end.”

Calendar Scheduling App

Best Appointment Scheduling Apps Calendar

Not only does Calendar, available at Calendar.com, allow you to better schedule your time but it also provides analysis of how you are spending your time.

That means it can be a powerful tool for anyone who feels like they don’t have enough time in the week to get everything done and/or often wonder where all their time is going.

With Calendar, you can see exactly how you are spending your time and then take steps to get your personal or professional calendar in better balance.

The Calendar app includes a productivity tool that is specifically designed to solve calendar problems by helping you save time, be more productive and focus on the things that matter most to you.

It also boasts calendar scheduling software that becomes more valuable the more you use it. How does it do that? By relying on artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly develop an experience that is more tailored to you and your preferences and needs.

Additional features included in the Calendar app include:

  • Online appointment scheduling that helps eliminate email and phone call back and forth
  • Calendar analytics that help you make the most of your time
  • Ability to schedule meetings with team members in seconds
  • Plus, there is a Calendar blog that keeps you up-to-date on productivity and business news and tools
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SetMore Automated Online Booking App


This handy free scheduling software allows users to better organize their business thanks to such features as:

  • 24/7 automated online booking
  • Appointment reminders
  • Payments
  • And more

Here is more about the features found in this popular scheduling app that is often called one of the best scheduling apps for business.

It allows you to:

  • Easily accept payments securely online
  • Has one-click Zoom or Teleport video meeting integration
  • Allows you to customize your booking page URL and showcase top reviews
  • Automatically sends out personalized email or text reminders

SetMore is also very easy to use. You can be up and using the system in three easy steps. Those steps are: creating your booking page, adding your business branding, and then linking your booking page to your website or social media presence.

SetMore defines its mission as helping users better deliver their magic. They accomplish this by giving users greater control over their schedules. Users manage all their appointments from one central online location that makes it easy for them to connect with clients.

Thanks to SetMore, instead of spending too much of their time scheduling meetings users can use that time to instead focus on other important parts of their business.

Genbook All-In-One Solution


This app targets owners of small businesses and it’s that focus that has allowed it to become one of the best appointment scheduling apps in 2021.

Genbook aims to be an all-in-one solution for small business owners – providing them with everything they need to run their business in one place.

Among the things it allows business owners to do are:

  • Collect reviews and integrate them into Google and the Internet
  • Schedule bookings online, 24/7
  • Communicate vital meeting information and company policies
  • Connect with clients in a multitude of ways to avoid missed appointments
  • Manage client interactions from your mobile phone
  • Integrate calendar with promotions and offers
  • Work from anywhere
  • And more

With features like these it’s little wonder that Genbook already has over 22,000 users and has completed over 1 million bookings.

Australian entrepreneur Rody Moore created the Genbook app in 2006.

Moore believed that technology had the power to change the lives of entrepreneurs everywhere and his app has since shown him to be right.

Today, thousands of business owners around the world use Genbook. In fact, 16,500 new clients book through Genbook every day and 133 million entrepreneurs and clients have reported having better meeting experiences thanks to Genbook.

Appointlet Best Meeting Experience

Scheduling App Appointlet

This app became one of the best scheduling apps for business and one of the best appointment scheduling apps in 2021 by focusing on one main thing:

Helping users schedule meetings without what it calls “email ping pong.”

The app makes online scheduling easier so that employees can stay better focused at work. Among its many benefits for users are:

  • Allows them to give guests a better meeting experience
  • Saves them time managing their schedule
  • Reduces no shows and wasted time
  • Meetings can be seen in one convenient place

With Appointlet handling meeting scheduling, workers can spend more time on important tasks.

Additional things users can do with Appointlet include:

  • Set availability
  • Share a meeting booking link
  • Start scheduling meetings

One app user said that his sales reps were averaging two meetings a day before Appointlet. But then after they switched to the app the number of meetings increased to an average of three or four per day.

The reason? The sales reps no longer had to spend so much time each day on meeting scheduling – it was all being handled by the app.

Other Appointlet users have reported similar results.

The app also includes:

  • Real-time syncing with Google and Office 365 accounts
  • Web conferencing
  • Payment collection
  • Integration with more than 2,000 other apps
  • Automated reminders and meeting confirmations
  • And more

The bottom line is this app is designed to allow users to schedule on their terms while greatly reducing the amount of meeting administrative work they have to do.

ScheduleOnce Appointment Scheduling App

Best Appointment Scheduling Apps ScheduleOnce

This app is designed for more convenient scheduling of both group and one-on-one meetings as well as customer appointments.

The app works in tandem with Google Calendar to provide users with easier meeting and appointment scheduling.

It markets itself as being very easy to use while also being feature-rich. There are free and paid plans available for those wanting to use the app.

Here are some of the things you can do with ScheduleOnce, which we have selected as one of the best appointment scheduling apps in 2021:

  • Share your bookings page and accept appointments
  • Accept appointments for team members
  • Offer numerous meeting types – such as group or one-on-one
  • Offer multiple event types
  • Select from multiple meeting locations
  • Accept bookings for rooms and resources
  • Schedule group meetings that work for everyone
  • And more

The bottom line is those who use this app can expect to gain greater control over their scheduling while at the same time lessening the amount of scheduling work they have to do.

Too often, workers have to spend too much precious time arranging meetings. This poor use of their schedule leaves less time to get important work done.

ScheduleOne attempts to alleviate that conundrum with features designed to make the scheduling process easier.

SimplyBook.Me Best Medical Scheduling App

Best Appointment Scheduling Apps SimplyBook.me

This app is designed for medical clinics and offers them an easy-to-use, highly effective booking system.

That’s why we selected this app for inclusion among the best appointment scheduling apps in 2021.

One of its most prominent features is that it allows medical clinics to accept bookings from multiple channels. It can be used with Facebook, Instagram, the SimplyBook.me booking website, a booking page, a website widget, and Google Maps Bookings.

One dermatologist reports on the app website that his bookings went up 400% in the eight months after he switched to SimplyBook.me.

The app provides:

  • An online booking system where patients can schedule appointments 24/7
  • Easy scheduling for staff members, including work hours, breaks, and vacations
  • Accept payments online or onsite with POS
  • Collect patient reviews
  • Plus, it includes a booking website or a widget for those medical practices that already have a website

Thanks to SimplyBook.me and its many features, medical clinics and practices can reduce missed appointments and free up staff to work on other tasks.

The SimplyBook.me app includes over 60 custom features that can be tailored to best benefit the user. For example, intake forms can be used to request information from patients at booking.

In addition, automated appointment reminders and “come back soon” messaging can be sent to increase clinic traffic.

The app can also be used to sell extra services and products, to deliver live chat help and much more.


People today are often overloaded with things to do. But thanks to the efforts of some very intelligent innovators they can regain control of their time.

Now whether you are a busy professional or a stay-at-home parent with kids’ practices, health appointments, and organizational meetings to keep track of… You can get the scheduling assistance you need with one of the apps listed on this page.

The scheduling apps included on the list above we believe are the best scheduling apps for business, personal matters or both.

You may be surprised at how much more time you have when you start using one of these apps. The process of scheduling meetings can be a real time-waster.

Let an app handle that and give yourself more time for other things.

If you have an idea for a new scheduling app or another type of app, contact Dedicated Developers today. We specialize in turning app ideas into reality.

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