Nowadays, any business that fails to take advantage of the digitization going around is destined to fail. This seems like a harsh prophecy but it’s merely a statement of fact. Getting ecommerce development services for businesses nowadays is more of a necessity than a luxury. So, the question is no longer, “Should I get an ecommerce developer for my company?” Rather, it’s “How much does it cost to hire an ecommerce development company?”

To drive home this point, here are factors that emphasize the importance of an e-commerce developer in your company.

Personalization of Your Services

When you’re able to track the purchase patterns of your customers and their other details, you’ll have the ability to control the promotions and the adverts that you send out and this will even help your customers make informed spending decisions. Remember that you can make an agreement with an ecommerce development company to send out offers, discounts, and deals via push notifications to these customers.

Recognition of the Brand

Ecommerce is unarguably the best way to make your brand a force to reckon with in your industry. The more stylish and user-friendly your app is, the more your clients will enjoy and even spread the word about your app. Also, don’t forget that you can get ecommerce development services that offer bespoke apps for your company.

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Gives Your Customers Easy Access

An ecommerce app makes your service accessible to your customers. Depending on the ecommerce framework you choose to go with (either hybrid or native or web apps), your customers are almost always with their mobile phones and this is one way that you can connect with them at any time. Also, your ecommerce developer should build the app for both iPhone and Android as these are two popular frameworks.

So now the need to get ecommerce development services is becoming glaring and what you just need is to acquaint yourself with the necessary skills and the tips on how much it costs to get the services needed.

The factors influencing the cost are numerous and they can be quite tricky to work with. We shall go over some of the cost factors.

Ecommerce Development

Factors Influencing the Cost of Ecommerce Development Services

The Platform You Want to Develop

One way to do this is to identify the audience you want to appeal to. Do you want to appeal to iPhone users or Android users? What percentage of the demographic do you want to capture? Also, is it important to know how best to advertise to the people? For one, how can you target millennials? What do they like best? You need to consider all these things.

The platform also determines the time it’ll take to develop the app. It will also make you consider how much you want to spend when you hire an ecommerce developer and the number of developers required. Here’s a rule of thumb that is not necessarily binding; if you want to develop a hybrid or native platform, hybrid apps take less time and they are cheaper to build but native apps provide superior experience. This should serve as a guide for you.

The Functionality of Your Ecommerce Framework

Yes, your platform is an ecommerce one, but are there specific functionalities you’ll want to add? For instance, will there be auctions and bids on the platform? Will you be looking to provide on-demand services? Can you afford to provide specialized price-matching features that’ll give the customers the best possible price?

The Design Details of the Application

This is where you begin to consider the UI and the UX of the app. How do you want the users to enjoy the app? What is the experience like? To get an idea of what you want, you can check out other apps in your industry and study the peculiar details of their product. Take note of certain peculiarities like the number of pages, the responsiveness, etc.

Your Budget for the Ecommerce Development Project

Here’s where it gets tricky. You might think, I’m trying to know how much it’ll cost to get ecommerce development services and then you’re telling me that the price depends on the amount I have to spend. That is counterintuitive but it’s very true.

Let’s lookat it this way. Assuming you agree to develop an app for $20,000 with an ecommerce developer and the project timeframe is 5 months. There’s a particular amount of money that you are expected to provide in a particular amount of time in order to meet up with the schedule. If you fail to do this, you’ll realize that the timeline has to be extended and this further increases the cost.

The Average Cost of Hiring an Ecommerce Development Company

You must have observed that there’s no generic answer to the amount you’ll be required to spend to get ecommerce development services. For one, the needs are different. The functionalities vary, similarly, the design differs. This will make it quite difficult to provide you with an answer that is peculiar to your needs.

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As we earlier stated, hybrid app development is not as pricey as that of native apps. Hybrid app development is expected to cost between $25,000 and $50,000. Why is the range so wide? Well, different companies have different requirements. Imagine if you were providing a particular service for a growing startup and then you have to provide the same service to a more established company; there’s an obvious disparity, right? For the same reason, a native app starts from about $40,000 and it can come up to about $100,000.


Now is the time to put all you’ve learned to practice. How do you go about ensuring that you don’t get over quoted in the course of searching for an ecommerce developer to work with? Make sure you have a detailed discussion with the developer and discuss these points. If you want to schedule a meeting with an ecommerce development company, feel free to Contact Us.