If you want to open an online store or expand your existing sales channels with an online platform, Magento can be a suitable CMS for you. The price of creating a website based on Magento is important for making business decisions, so we decided to write this article to help you. We will discuss the cost of professional Magento eCommerce development and how to hire Magento developer.

Magento is in some ways similar to WordPress: a simple Magento website can be deployed even by a person without programming experience. He should know how to buy hosting, upload files via FTP, connect the database (for example, on video lessons on YouTube) and get a domain name. In this case, you will have to use some ready-made templates, and it will not be possible to make the website as unique as it could be on other platforms. If your target audience is people who are at least a little knowledgeable about Internet technologies, they will immediately notice that the site appears to be made by amateurs and may not trust you.

What is Magento?

Magento is a CMS (content management system) or an open-source platform specializing in building online stores. It has the most advanced set of features among similar systems, which can be used by a wide range of users.

The owner is eBay Inc. There are free and paid versions that differ in functionality. The features of the free version will fully satisfy the needs of most users.

The system can be used by building additional program modules or using existing ones created by a third party (paid or free). Some companies using Magento are Nestle, Coca-Cola, and Burger King.

Magento Features

They include:

  • a wide set of features in the basic version, including a multilanguage interface, multiple currencies, flexible discount settings, etc .
  • the ability to deploy several online stores and manage them with a single control panel
  • flexible user rights settings in the admin dashboard

Magento Capabilities

Besides the online store feature, the platform has the following set of features:

  • automatic sales, orders, deliveries, statistics, as well as tax rules adjustment
  • product catalog management: product sections, items, attributes, filters, search queries, product ratings
  • users and groups of users management
  • discount management, discount settings for specific items and groups
  • creating separate text pages
  • automatic statistics, including sales, baskets, product review statistics, bestsellers, reviews, search queries, etc.

Magento vs Other eCommerce Platforms

Magento is the most feature-rich system in comparison with other similar platforms. In this regard, it is demanding to server resources. Also, for advanced platform maintenance, advanced skills are required.

When should you use Magento

Magento CMS should be used for complex online stores with a wide range of features and items.

Magento websites maintenance

Basic website maintenance does not require special training. But fine-tuning or creating additional software modules requires highly skilled technicians.

Also, the system is more demanding for server resources than other eCommerce platforms.

Let’s see how we create a Magento web store and how much it may cost

Hire magento developer

How we provide the Magento development services

Phase 1: Analysis and Planning

In the very beginning, you should estimate how many products you are going to have. The more items, the larger the database size, and hence the Magento hosting requirements.

At this stage, you should analyze the basic Magento functionality, determine the design, compose the technical tasks, and decide which additional modules you will require.

The Magento modules are extensions that add functionality to a basic online store. There are ready-made modules, but most often you have to write them from scratch for a specific project.

Stage 2: Design and ecommerce Development

At this stage, the interface design and UX are created, and the Magento development services are performed. The website should be adaptive to look good on any device, and should also be loaded quickly so that potential customers do not close the page before it is fully downloaded.

Stage 3: Testing and Implementation

Having created the site, it should be checked on a test server, the bugs fixed, and only then can it be uploaded to the server.

How much it may cost to build the Magento website

Let’s consider several complexity levels which influence the final price.

Level 1: an online store operating in one country with one target audience

A classic online Magento store: a retail company decides to sell products online in a single country. The website cost, like any other, depends on a set of necessary functions and additional modules, and in this case, varies from $6,000 to $10,000.

Level 2: a set of similar sites for different countries, in different languages and with different prices

Take, for example, nike.com. For each country where they sell goods via the Internet, they have a separate website. Such online stores customize the frontend for different target audiences, set different delivery conditions, prices and so on.

Such a solution will be more difficult to develop, so its cost will be $11,000 to $20,000.

Level 3: An ecommerce platform

Yes, on Magento you can even create a new eBay: let users be both buyers and sellers, determine their delivery terms and so on. This, in fact, is a collection of thousands of online stores on one platform.

This option is the most difficult. Its cost starts from $20,000, and we cannot even state the top level.

How to choose the right company to develop the Magento website

Choosing a company that will be responsible for creating your business online is the determining factor in its success. Thousands of small and large companies engaged in consulting and programming offer their services, but how do you choose reliable and professional partners?

We have been developing online stores for many years, so we developed some tips on this subject. Here are the signs that will help you to identify a good company to build a Magento website:

  1. They ask questions about your goals and plans for business development.
  2. They try to find the optimal solution for your needs rather than just sell their services.
  3. Before you start, they form a detailed checklist and ask you to approve it.
  4. They take into account the future growth of your business and provide scalable solutions.
  5. They provide further maintenance and support and regularly update your Magento website.


These are the basic principles we use at every stage. Contact us to hire Magento developer and find out how we can help you open your own online store. We will ask you all the possible details and give you a customized and personal offer.

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