Are you a start-up or an advertising agency manager? Are you looking for software development companies headquartered in the USA or just want to hand over a website that would reflect your business? Do you want to start small and grow with your IT partner? If so, then this article will help you find a software development company that’s right for you.

Software Development Companies USA

More and more companies are looking for IT teams to develop their software. How is that so popular?

  • your product will be developed by professionals who use the latest technology trends
  • you and your company will be able to focus on your core business
  • you will save time and money (we, however, do not recommend the software development companies in USA as a means of saving — it’s more about quality)

There are many more reasons why large companies and start-ups use development teams. In this article, we’ll show you how to look for a service provider and how not to regret your choice. First of all, you need to decide what exactly you will give to a third-party company, and what will be managed by your staff.

What kind of Companies are There?

1. Small Freelance Agencies

The cheapest option is to contact a freelance agency. In most cases, that is the small group of freelancers, usually not more than 5, who provide software product development services. Analyze your needs and the necessary technologies to narrow down the search for the right agency. To work with a freelancer agency can be quite risky, and we are not only talking about the chance that a person will get sick or fail. These risks can be partially reduced by asking the specialist to show the portfolio and the feedback from other clients.

It’s very important to be able to manage a process remotely, especially if several freelancers are working on one of your projects in parallel to other projects. Another important point is communication: you must be able to explain your needs so that you are understood absolutely correctly.

2. Large IT Companies

You’ve heard about such giants in the market such as Accenture, Luxoft and so on. Their names are well known, but only the same big companies work with them. These giant companies can undertake projects of a massive scale and with massive budgets. However, the implementation of projects with such a company can stretch from a few months to … eternity. Like other large corporations, giant web development companies in the USA are full of bureaucracy and are an inefficient use of resources.

3. Mid-sized IT Companies

There is also a third option — mid-sized companies providing software product development services. They have all the necessary knowledge and are very familiar with the same modern technologies that large companies use, but they are much faster and more flexible in terms of your project management. Such companies often work with start-ups and medium-sized businesses. They are more reliable than freelancers, and also have greater expertise.

It sounds good, but where do you find such companies and how do you understand which one to work with?

Software Development

How to Search for a Company?

You want to hire a company and solve the development issues. First of all, decide which technologies you want to use. For example, most companies don’t want or need sites made with Drupal, Magento, and WordPress all at once, so you’ll likely have to choose the best one for your project. Outline your project in general terms and show it to an expert. They’ll tell you the best way to do this. Another option is to ask a few companies that you consider to be potential partners, compare the results, and ask a lot of questions.

Also, you need to pay attention to the experience: how many years in the market, whether there are customer reviews. An excellent solution is to write to several of their customers, for example on Facebook, and ask about their experience. Satisfied customers will happily share a positive experience.

Where Can You Find a Development Company?

Unfortunately, there is no one place where all the best companies can be found. You have to combine several ways to find your best business partner.

1. Ask friends

Despite the many advisory services, the simple word of mouth still works great. Ask your friends, partners, subscribers on Facebook, etc. whether they can recommend a company that they’ve worked with. Compare all the companies on the list, write a few, and very soon you’ll determine exactly who can be entrusted with your project.

2. Google it

In case you don’t have friends who’ve gone through a web project, or you just want to get a general impression of the offers in the market right now, you can Google it.

3. Use LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can check companies found elsewhere. If a company has a profile there — that’s good! Look at who the CEO is, who his contacts are, whether there’s any feedback on current and past projects. Check if they post articles of their own authorship, this is a good sign — hence, the company takes care of its reputation in the industry and has expertise.

Shorten the List of Applicants

After you’ve selected several companies that meet your requirements and are trustworthy, start communicating with them. It’s important not to rush. Talk to managers, discuss the terms of possible cooperation, and also get more information for making a well-considered decision:

  1. Check their accounts on LinkedIn or Facebook, check out their website.
  2. Ask for a video call and arrange a tour of the office.
  3. Communicate with key employees who will take part in your project.
  4. If you have technical expertise, ask them to show their code.
  5. Encourage them to perform a small task in the form of a test.

In order to avoid bad results and get the software product development services of the highest quality, it’s better to cooperate with a reliable development company who appreciates its clients and does their best to satisfy the clients.

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