When it comes to creating a powerful website with bespoke design and excellent functionality, a Content Management System (CMS) is required. This is, perhaps, the reason for the increased desire to hire Joomla experts for web development projects.

Right now, we have a plethora of CMS software in the market- Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla, to name a few. However, in this post, emphasis will be placed on Joomla, what it is all about and some of the benefits. Also, reasons to hire Joomla developers are discussed below.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a free open source CMS that is used for publishing web content. Joomla is built with the PHP framework and is based on the MVC framework. Recently, the popularity of Joomla has been on a steady rise. With over 100 million downloads, the community is rapidly increasing and, more than ever, companies need to hire Joomla developer.

Joomla is being used by developers to create truly aesthetic and functional websites. In fact, sites for Harvard University and Linux were built using Joomla.

What are the Benefits of Joomla Development?

Wide Range of Usability

When it comes to building complex websites, Joomla is able to handle it perfectly. Joomla’s web development services are equipped with the inbuilt functionalities that will make the development process seamless. It provides you with the necessary modules needed for developing your website. In order to leverage this feature, you should have a list of the modules and expected functionalities outlined before you hire Joomla experts.

Perfect for Publishing Blogs

Regular blogging is an ideal way to keep your websites dynamic. When you use Joomla to develop your website, publishing blogs becomes very easy. You don’t need to have a solid knowledge of PHP, HTML or CSS. All you need to know is just how to copy, paste and select a push button.


With over 10,000 extensions, there are limitless possibilities when customizing your website using Joomla. You can easily integrate functionalities like social media widgets for social networking, customer feedback extension and many more.

To be precise, these extensions are well categorized into communication, marketing, languages, editing, site management and living. These extensions also have a review system that allows you assess their usefulness based on the perception of other users.

This flexibility gives you the ability to scale your website when the need arises. For more complex projects, i.e., if you experience a sudden astronomical growth that you cannot manage, it is advisable to hire Joomla developers to assist with the project.

Joomla Development


Joomla is Based on an Open-Source Framework

Joomla is based on PHP and PHP is one of the world’s largest open source web scripting languages. This strategic positioning has attracted numerous developers all around the world. This makes it possible for them to support, improve and develop Joomla extensions that are accessible to others users for free.

Multilingual Support

By using Joomla, you only need to develop your site in one language. With its multilingual option, you can create other versions with different languages. This will give you access to a wider audience.

Active Community

When using Joomla, you won’t be stuck with a problem. It has a vibrant and friendly community made of over 200,000 developers (and it keeps growing daily) who are always there to help you out. You get access to free and useful materials. Also, the documentation is very helpful.

Browser Compatibility

With Joomla, you can care less about what browser your customer is using to access your site. This is because Joomla is compatible with a wide range of browsers. Compatibility issues only arise by using faulty 3rd party design templates or extensions.

Joomla Offers Unparalleled Security

What ‘s the point of having a website and be scared of it being hacked? With Joomla, you don’t need to worry about security concerns. Security can only be breached when you fail to install security updates or when you employ a bad hosting service. Another security challenge is the use of insecure 3rd party extension and you can seamlessly hire Joomla experts to fix any of these issues.

Joomla Projects are SEO Friendly

With fierce competition on the internet, SEO has become a big deal for many businesses. Joomla puts that into consideration and provides search engine friendly URLs which is a key consideration in search engine ranking. Before you hire Joomla developers, be sure of their SEO ability as this might cost your business dearly.

In addition, Joomla makes it possible to fill in meta description and keywords, and these features improve the ranking of your web pages. This eliminates the need for using the service of a third party for SEO.

Joomla Web Development Service is Perfect for E-commerce

Joomla offers web development services that are perfectly suited for e-commerce sites. Little wonder most e-commerce sites are built using Joomla. It offers features to help you manage your product without switching tabs. In addition to this, it has inbuilt functionalities like PayPal, Google Checkout, shopping cart and other e-commerce extensions to give your e-commerce site that perfect feel.

Easy Web Maintenance with Joomla

Apart from developing a website, maintenance also plays a crucial role in sustaining its capabilities. With a user-friendly admin panel, you can monitor and manage your website easily on Joomla. Functions like create, update, modify, delete can be carried out from the admin panel effortlessly. This will ensure that your website is always optimized for optimal results. Joomla experts are readily available to help with more pressing needs.

Joomla Web Development Services are Aesthetically Pleasing

A beautiful website will attract more visitors. Joomla’s web development services have numerous design templates and themes from fishing to sports templates and these templates have been developed with optimal user experience in mind. These templates and themes will give your website the perfect look and your business the perfect professional aura.

Lastly, Joomla is Easy to Use

You can create a website with Joomla in just a day, irrespective of your lack of experience. Really, it’s that easy.


With all these benefits and many more, it’s quite clear why Joomla has been very relevant when it comes to web development services. So what’s stopping you from creating that website? Make plans to hire Joomla experts today.

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