In Part 1, we discussed the challenges facing companies who are trying to decide what to outsource, and how to choose the best option to fit their needs. If you haven’t read it, click here to read.

The niche we’re about to outline solves pretty much all of these challenges noted in Part 1, when the vendor and customer both have the right attitude, and go about their business in the right way. In fact, it’s the niche Dedicated Developers is proud to be a part of, and we do our best to be an example of how to do it right.

There is no easy way to describe how this niche operates, because it is, to a large extent, whatever you want it to be.

The best way to explain it is to use what we do at Dedicated Developers as an example. This isn’t meant as a sales pitch, yet we’re passionate about what we do so please forgive us if it comes across as such:

Dedicated Developers offer our clients a large team of skilled professionals from India, who deliver the highest quality standards, at a fraction of the cost of on-shore development.

Our team includes: Graphic & Website Designers, Web Developers, PHP Coders, Android & iPhone Mobile Application Developers, and much more.

Founded in 2007 by Brothers Vishal & Vikas Bhatia, to take advantage of their deep connections in the Indian IT community, Dedicated Developers is committed to providing your company the very best off-shore development services, at affordable prices.

What sets us apart?

1. Try Before You Buy
Yes! We’re so sure we can help you grow your business and profits with less stress you can try our services without heavy investment. Plus, with no long term contracts the burden is on us to deliver you results.

2. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
We guarantee that your project will be done on time and to the highest XHTML & HTML5 coding standards recognized by the W3C Web Standards Institute. Plus with our ISO9001 certification you can sleep safe knowing you’ll get the best results. If not then we’ll fix it at our cost. You risk nothing.

3. US Based Management Team
This unique combination of US based management team and your dedicated offshore developers in India means you have contact with your team almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you never have to worry about time-off, sick days or employee headaches.

4. 100% Dedicated Resources
Because your resource will never be pulled off your project and will always be 100% dedicated to finishing your most important tasks at all times, your projects will be completed faster and more efficiently.

5. Constant Supply of “A-Player” Developers
Need to scale up your team quickly? Is your business expanding? No problem! Let us know what skills you need or what new project you have in mind and we will find you top-notch talent to rapidly build your dedicated team.

6. Instant Competitive Advantage
For many of our clients, waking up in the morning knowing all your critical development tasks were finished overnight means their competition can’t keep up and you have the peace of mind knowing your projects will be completed.

7. World-Class, Reliable Communication
State of the art project management software means you can keep in touch with your resource as little or as often as you wish. Skype and video chat available as well.

8. Automated Project Tracking
Our sophisticated time tracking system ties right into the tasks and projects you assign so you can track, minute by minute, exactly how much time was spent on each task.

9. Your Ideas are Protected by an NDA
Never worry about a freelancer stealing your idea. All of your intellectual property is protected by our iron-clad NDA that is signed by all employees, as well as the fact that India has strict IP laws.

10. Zero Downtime Keeps Projects on Track
All work is performed in one of our 3 state of the art, air conditioned offices that feature 24/7 power back up, direct T1 Ethernet connection and efficiency optimized workstations.

11. Quick & Efficient Management Software
Get a complete picture of all of your tasks. Easily view billable time and organize all your projects using the included web based project management software.

12. Affordable & Customizable Pricing
We offer a range of flexible staffing and payment options for all types of business. From one-man web development firms to large technology start-ups. Our custom services model means you’ll have the ideal staffing solution for you.

Essentially, the idea is to minimize the risks of outsourcing, and maximize the benefits by providing a managed service at a predictable cost.

This isn’t easy. It requires a lot of expertise on the vendor’s part, and is far more expensive to run than most outsourcing operations. Most businesses that try to provide such a service fail, because it’s very hard to do it right and there aren’t many competitors to copy, yet.

However, this IS the future of outsourcing. If it wasn’t, we wouldn’t bother pursuing it.

You, as a customer, can finally gain the reduced cost and scalability you’re after, without the risk of hiring a dud team, having your stuff stolen, or being hit with unexpected bills.

You’re able to gain access to A-player developers, who will actually stick with your project, because they have a good, stable job, and a reputable employer, who benefits when they stay with them.

What’s more, this arrangement is actually more comparable to having an in-house employee than the general outsourcing experience. Your developer(s) will quickly become familiar with your business, your project, and the way you work. They will do their work on time, every time, while contributing ideas just like an in-house employee would.

Put simply, they will care about the success of your project; they have some “skin in the game,” and will be keen to do an exceptional job for you.

Over time, the ‘outsourcing sweatshops’ you find in many operations outside the US will be replaced with more businesses like this.

For now though, you still need to be careful to avoid these ‘cowboys,’ and find yourself a reputable developer to work with. If you can, try and find one with a model similar to ours, because it’ll save you a lot of hassle.

It’s not all sunshine. There’s still a ‘corrupt underbelly’ (maybe that’s a bit extreme, but still) to much of the outsourcing industry, and if you want to be successful, you need to avoid it at all costs.

We’ve tried to show you how to avoid these kinds of mistakes throughout this series of blog posts, and we hope you’ll take them to heart, because if you don’t, outsourcing just won’t work for you.

As a kind of summary, an upcoming post will show you the biggest problems you are likely to encounter.