Businesses should strive for development in order to be among the market leaders and use the latest innovations that can make their work more efficient. Creating and launching their own enterprise mobile application is quite a serious step. This requires an investment of time and resources.

What are the benefits of developing enterprise mobility solutions? Let’s review some of them.

Enterprise Mobility Solution

The steady growth trend in the number of mobile device users

The popularity of the mobile Internet in the world is growing rapidly. In recent years, the number of Internet users with mobile devices exceeded the traffic of desktop users. World traffic of mobile data transfer in the near future will grow with an average annual growth rate of 57% by 2019, according to Cisco. The growth of mobile technologies opens a huge new market of opportunities for any business, both large and small, and including huge corporations which will be able to work with higher efficiency.

Ideal for a smartphone or tablet

According to statistics, a large percentage of failures are received by sites that are not adapted for mobile devices. Getting information from the small screen of a mobile device is inconvenient because of the small scale. Interfaces on mobile applications were initially developed to take into account the consumption of information from small screens. The structure of applications is optimized for comfortable navigation, and all the necessary information is easily accessible. The application maximizes the functions available only for the smartphone. For example, calls, location, push notifications and more.

Important Marketing Channel

If the buyer already uses a smartphone or tablet to search and browse products, why not give him the opportunity to use them to buy the products? The advantage of a mobile application is that it’s installed by people who are initially interested in your products and Enterprise Mobility Services. These users are the individuals who you will send new information, promotions and special offers to. Plus, after installing the application, your icon will appear on the user’s home screen — a long advertising contact. To access the goods and services of your company the user will just have to make one tap on the screen.

Constant, fast and inexpensive contact with your client

Mobile devices are with people almost 24 hours a day. This is personal contact with your customers. Competent strategies and segmentation of push notifications allow you to communicate with different groups of users. The person who installed your mobile application is more likely to make repeated purchases since it’s your direct target audience. Push notifications should be used when something really important happens in the application and the notification is time-bound and provides useful information. Knowing what the client needs will help companies provide the best Enterprise Mobility Consultancy service that solves all the possible issues before they happen.

Supply chain management

The development of enterprise mobile applications includes the creation and implementation of products for planning optimal routes, regulating the distribution of products, controlling the work of couriers, and managing transportation. Such solutions significantly simplify the management of supply chains, which allows companies to improve productivity in general. Currently, the availability of applications that perform similar tasks has become a necessity for logistics companies.

A convenient way to monitor important business metrics

Enterprise Mobility

Mobile applications allow you to set up e-commerce tracking and collect information about all purchased products, the total number of purchases and their value. You can configure the acquisition of basic business data in real time. For example, performance indicators: the number of customers, sales, costs, and profits. Or, the average and top management of a large holding company receive a summary of the results of each business unit. At meetings, they confidently report the results of their work by looking at the exact numbers.

Promotion bonus in mobile search

People use mobile devices more often, and this leads to certain changes in their preferences. For several years now we have seen a significant increase in mobile Internet audiences worldwide. Successful business development is impossible without analysis of trends and optimization for mobile devices. According to statistics, 39% of mobile device users make purchases from them, 55% are looking for products or Enterprise Mobility Services with their smartphones to make further purchases. If your business is not mobile-adapted, Google will artificially underestimate the position of the site in search results, which threatens a sharp loss of traffic and makes it harder to attract new customers.

Secure access to corporate data

Mobile applications can serve as a reliable channel for secure data exchange. Applications allow users to quickly transfer, view, download, edit and share corporate data directly from mobile devices. At the same time, users comply with corporate security policies for working with data, which increases their safety when working remotely. For example, a retail bank sends a plan and sales results to its credit agents. For people in the fields who personally contact people, face-to-face, having data in the application is very convenient.

Mobile systems for customers

Mobile systems are created to interact with customers. For example, notifying customers about the location of the nearest offices or stores, informing about beneficial offers, the possibility of purchasing products or services through a mobile application, a channel for feedback from customers, forming a community of clients for communication among each other, and much more. The range of functions for a mobile application comes from the customer needs. The mobile application should first of all cover tasks that need to be solved quickly, on the go, and those that occur frequently,  almost every day, or those that require specific mobile capabilities such as geolocation.

The development of corporate mobile applications contributes to the company development and increases its profit through the automation and optimization of business processes, improves employee productivity, improves the management of various processes, etc. If you decide to create a corporate application, you should determine the main goals and tasks that it should perform, select an IT company and make an app with all the necessary requirements.

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