As our life becomes more and more related to software, the demand for good developers only grows. But as software is part of every aspect of our lives — from server technologies to the Internet of things — the responsibility of developers grows, and it becomes necessary to constantly develop their skills.

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Companies are constantly looking for someone who is familiar with all aspects of app development in the USA, who can provide the necessary tools, who can strategically think about trends, and who can remodel old systems using the newest languages and frameworks. This is enough for developers to get lost and not know where to start.

In the conditions of severe competition, businesses should give the greatest attention to the creation of quality products and services. Technological companies cannot achieve good results without strong developers. However, it’s not so easy to hire iOS app developers who really strengthen the team — often the candidate who seems ideal during the interview is unable to get along with colleagues after arriving in the workplace, spends too much time writing simple code, and the result is still not good.

How do you hire developers for your project who will become a part of your team? What trending skills should they have? Let’s take a closer look.

What trending skills should developers have in 2018?

  1. Blockchain: The blockchain is a peer-to-peer network of interconnected devices. This technology does not require central computers. In such a network, there are few clearly defined data storage locations. Today many companies need software products with blockchain support. Accordingly, the demand for blockchain developers should increase.

  2. Progressive Web applications: These are ordinary web pages or sites that can look like traditional applications or native mobile applications. This type of application tries to combine the features of most modern browsers and the ease of use of mobile devices. In the long term, web applications will occupy a much larger market share than mobile applications. They have the best characteristics of web and mobile technology. Companies engaged in e-commerce, entertainment content creation, health care and banking services want to increase the availability of their services. To do this, many of them are investing in the development of web applications.

  3. The Internet of things: The Internet of things has affected literally all spheres but it requires great efforts from software developers. They need to understand how to bring software devices to the ideal so that users can fully control them. More precisely, developers will create applications that will provide continuous devices control from anywhere in the world, at any time.

  4. Artificial Intelligence: By some estimates, today 40% of companies use artificial intelligence to automate processes. They apply AI technology in carrying out specific tasks in order to remain competitive and improve the quality of services. Many companies are developing their own software platforms, which will ensure the performance of even more tasks. In 2018, this will be a key area. The technologies such as virtual helpers, smartphones, large data, and insight platforms will be widely used.

  5. Mixed Reality: In simple words, a mixed reality, sometimes called a hybrid reality, is the merging of the real and virtual worlds. As a result, a new environment is created in which physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time. Mixed reality is possible in both the physical world and the virtual world. This is a combination of reality and virtual reality, encompassing augmented reality and augmented virtuality through immersion technologies. It is now actively integrating into new web and mobile applications. In this area, an important role for a successful business is played by the experience of user interaction with a product or service. For example, in online stores, you can see how clothes look on virtual mannequins. People who want to renovate their homes can create a virtual model for a new home design. In this way, they can create furniture, match the colors, floors, and design of the facade and see how it looks, even before the purchase. Also, video mapping and mixed reality are used in educational programs and games with augmented reality.

How to hire a good developer?

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Check how they like programming

The passion with which a person speaks about their work and achievements is the most reliable indicator of professionalism. It’s impossible to find a programmer who enthusiastically talks about app development in the USA but is not able to write quality code.

You can check for enthusiasm, for example, by asking what they would like to improve in their favorite programming language or platform used. It’s also useful to ask whether the developer has their own projects, which they develop in their free time. In addition, when preparing for the interview, you should review the profiles of the candidates in social networks and professional communities, assessing the level of involvement in the discussion of current technological trends.

Use the experience of other companies

Use the experience of other companies during the interviews. Information can be taken from specialized literature.

Coding Skills

The most important elements of an interview with a technical specialist should be checking their coding skills. Among the tasks, ask the candidate, for example, to search for errors in already written code. In addition, you can ask the candidate to tell what the code does, and also to evaluate the style of writing, the chosen algorithm, the ability to quickly make the necessary corrections, etc.

Another task can be writing their own code — immediately you will see such important points as the speed of work, the quality of the code and the convenience of support. A useful method is to design a small system that solves a specific problem, right at the interview. So you can understand how much they’re able to understand the problem, what approaches they use, how they interact.

To assess the honesty and real experience of the candidate, you need to ask them what they, in their own opinion, really understand. Then you need to ask a simple question about the topic. If the answer is correct, then ask something more complex, and go step by step, until you reach the interviewee’s knowledge limit.

This method not only shows the real knowledge level but also shows the candidate’s ability to think logically and work in a team. The ability to calmly think and explain to other people complicated things in a stress environment is an important quality.

Do not forget about personal qualities

When you hire developers, very often this aspect is not given much attention, which in the future can lead to problems and disappointment. To find out how communicative a person is, ask them questions about their previous place of work, and it will help to find out how well the applicant got along with colleagues. Programming can be taught but it’s almost impossible to teach personal qualities.

Searching for developers and conducting interviews with them is not an easy task, which requires preparation. Technical specialists are assessed, first of all, on their immediate skills. However, never forget about other important points, such as communication skills and the ability to work in a team.

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