There’s one paradox about life, the only constant thing is change. Unfortunately, this change can either be for better or for worse. In fact, the inability to change will still result in businesses changing. Before it gets too confusing, let’s take the case of tech giants like Blackberry and Apple.

About a decade ago, there was a paradigm shift in the world of mobile computing and although it wasn’t clear at the time, a change was being forced on the industry. One company evolved and became the most valuable company on earth in 2018. The other company? Well, not so much.

The good news about this seemingly sad story is that once again, there’s an imminent change. Unlike before, this evolution will not just affect the big tech giants, it’s affecting almost every industry. Think of retail, healthcare, financial institutions, the energy sector, even educational facilities. Some call it the internet apocalypse and others just term it a revolution in the software product development.

Software development

An Overview of the Software Product Development Industry

Look back at how far we’ve come, from clunky Java and Symbian apps with terrible graphics to real-time applications that are imbued with VR and AR features. You’ll be glad that you’ve been a part of the growth, especially if you work in a web software development company. In fact, some older software engineers will remember punching cards in FORTRAN and compare it to writing distributed systems in Go. We really have it easy now.

However, the challenge is that we are still miles off in terms of the advancement that was foretold when the internet first surfaced. The concept of intelligent systems still seems like fiction to a number of people. As an application development company, it can be hard to keep track of some of these goals as they are deemed lofty.

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But all that is going to change rapidly because there’s a revolution about to occur.

The Revolution in the Software Product Development Industry

Let’s talk about some really exciting landmarks recorded. Waymo has self-driving cars that have now passed the eight million mile mark. The translation engine of Microsoft can also go head-to-head with humans regarding accuracy when executing Chinese-to-English tasks. Let’s also not forget the numerous startups that are thriving in several industries.

Looking at their achievements individually, we’re assured that the technology will drastically improve the quality of our life. But then, when we view it holistically, we see much more than improved quality of life. We see a paradigm shift in how a web software development company can approach software product development. It’s a radical shift from the norm and it’s truly exciting to behold!

Let’s go into more details about the features of this imminent revolution.

Software Product Development

Software Product Development and Data Science Will Converge

For us to have a future that promises a brighter future, we need to plan for it. This mantra is the core of the second digital revolution and it entails end-to-end learning systems. This means that the system will draw on data models in order to engender cognition capabilities and also to provide users with a logical interface where the results of the analytics can be interpreted and understood. Does this sound like a lot of work for an application development company? It actually isn’t.

The issue arises when you try to apply the techniques and tools of traditional software product development to solve the issue of the future. If programmers leverage the wealth of potential that AI promises, an intelligent system will not prove difficult to come by.

Artificial Intelligence Will Become More of a Programming Thing

At the moment, it isn’t. The field of AI at the moment is one that’s mostly explored by academics and researchers and this is because the field is perceived to be intractable and obscure. Thankfully, we have toolkits that are dedicated to simplifying how the systems work. We also have a very impressive record and documentation of important concepts and this eases the process for new people to learn.

This also brings up the need for an AI toolchain. One machine learning expert at one of the top companies recently described the state of machine learning. In his words, “Machine Learning (ML) is in the primordial soup phase.” You can liken it to what database systems were like in the 80s. At the moment, ML models are difficult to explain, seemingly abstract, and still susceptible to bias.

Software Product Development and Business Intelligence

As we continue to get more knowledge about happenings and developments in the field of software development, one thing continues to increase exponentially: the data available to us. Big data is another area of interest that is causing serious changes as to how an application development company makes predictions.

The burgeoning field of IoT means that businesses have different sources of data. But having the data isn’t the hard part; analyzing it is. In essence, software is now being developed to help businesses make data-driven managerial decisions.

Security! Security!! Security!!!

Software product development is lacking just one key ingredient at the moment; enhanced inbuilt security systems. When you think about the amount you’ll eventually spend on recovery after a DDoS attack, the major priority when you want to hire a web software development company will be security. And this is not easy to find. If you look at the past products they developed, you can find out how devoted a company is to security.


More than ever, software development teams should come together in order to understand the behavior of their products and observe the level of interaction it engenders. The goal is to improve the whole network of interconnected devices by reducing the failures and eliminating inherent complexities of the system. This will go a long way in positioning them properly for the revolution that is now upon us. When you’re ready to start your next cutting-edge project, be sure to Contact Us, and we’ll incorporate whatever advancements are needed so you can join this revolution.