SaaS development is a method of delivering applications and other software via the internet to client companies. SaaS is an acronym for ‘Software as a Service’. This is simply a software delivery model in which a service provider or third-party supports applications for companies based on the subscription of the client.

This acronym is part of the cloud computing nomenclature such as PaaS (platform as a service), IaaS (infrastructure as a service), etc. It can be considered as an on-demand software and Microsoft once called it a ‘software plus services’.

The Benefit of SaaS Application Development

When SaaS application development is being incorporated into the franchise, the business uses an internet application instead of buying several licenses that run on less advanced computers. This is an excellent advantage in the event that a company has several employees who work on different platforms.

The idea is that instead of going through software installation processes and the related maintenance procedures, you can access it via the internet instead. It has become a model for the delivery of business applications like messaging software, DBMS (database management systems), payroll software, invoicing, and a host of others services. With sales skyrocketing at over $10 billion in 2010, SaaS has been inducted into the working principles of many leading enterprise software companies


saas application development
saas application development

SaaS Web Application Development

As more companies seek SaaS application development services, the desire to design, build, and benefit from SaaS development is also strengthened. Some companies even use the cloud as a source for this design and development. Designing software for a less advanced service model is different from SaaS development in aspects like UI (User interface), architecture design, and use of APIs.

Designing a website for a subscription software like SaaS is one of the most challenging development projects one can ever do. One needs to build a website that will attract visitors and prospective clients and try to convince them to subscribe and at the same offer the full package of your service in the websites back end.

Some steps in developing your own SaaS web-based application include:

• Set Your Goals

The first phase of any project or assignment is to determine your goals and set them. In this context, setting your goals means determining the specific purpose of this website. You will have to figure out how this website would function.

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Would it function as a train for the target market to subscribe to or will it serve as a platform for running your SaaS web application development? Most times, these websites serve both purposes. Having knowledge regarding the functionality and purpose of the website is the first key that is needed in getting started.

• Understand Client Needs

Analysis of your current subscriber and their needs is the next step. Questions like, “Is the software designated to function at work, on home computers, or on the go for busy clients?” will surely come up and you need to provide clear answers.

Most SaaS platforms have the potential to be used across a variety of screens, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones. This is why one should use a very responsive design which enables one to use the website irrespective of the screen size.

• Leave Room for Upgrades

To make your SaaS web application versatile and lasting, an upgrade window should be created. First-time subscribers do not usually produce much revenue. Revenue comes from existing loyal subscribers. These loyal subscribers can now decide to expand the functionality of their software by upgrading it to the next level

• Remember Your Content

This is very important as this is what subscribers and prospective clients see when they log onto your website. Good content will attract new clients and keep your present subscribers satisfied and happy. This step should not be taken lightly as it can make or break your SaaS development company.

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Testimonials, case studies, reviews, and customer ratings should be included on the front page. This will convince visitors on the page to partake in the trial session. Helpful tips and tutorial videos should also be included as they have the potential to truly encourage the customer to consider SaaS development. Whatever content you featureon your site, it should be able to attract more subscribers and retain the current ones.

• Choose Your Method of Development

SaaS web development methods can either be agile or waterfall, based on your goals and the client needs. The waterfall method is more traditional than the agile method. A linear timeline is established by the developer for every phase of the project. It’s easy to understand and follow. Due to some of its limitations, the agile method was created. Agile split the project into multiple parts, tackling each part individually and simultaneously and testing each split. A SaaS development company will know what’s expected.

• Work with a SaaS Development Company

You should work hand in hand with your developer. Your developer should be able to decide on the development method based on your preferences, the site’s functionality, and technicality.

SaaS Development Companies

There are many companies that can offer SaaS development services. Services like SaaS software development, SaaS product development, website development, platform development, and application development.

In choosing an efficient SaaS development company, one should look for the company’s Statement of Work (SOW) which describes how the project will be developed in detail, the architectural design which contains design specifications based on the content, the software requirements, the application programming; either agile or waterfall, and finally their deployment strategies and enhancement procedures.


SaaS development is taking the world by storm. Channelling it to the cloud makes it easier to access and work with instead of installing software packages and having to maintain it later on your own system. It’s very versatile and can be used across multiple devices. You can speak with us about projects relating to SaaS web application development today.

In closing, with a world full of developers, SaaS Development are a veritable gold standard when developing an application. If you’re looking for SaaS development services, you can Contact Us.