.NET development still remains the backbone of web development all across the world. It is paramount in Microsoft application development, in spite of the recent emergence of a plethora of other web development technologies. In the current environment, most web development companies are cutting back on their infrastructure and staff. That means it makes perfect sense to outsource .NET development to various offshore companies which offer premium services.

Here are some tips to choose an offshore .NET development company:

1) Portfolio of the Company

The first thing to consider is to ask for portfolios of the company. Successful companies are never reluctant to share their previous work. It allows you to compare different apps they have developed in the past. It also provides you with the opportunity to gauge the scope of their work.

2) Previous Work and Published Links

Another important thing to consider is published links. It can be a startling discovery if you hire a .NET development company that hasn’t published anything. Hiring such a company can certainly undermine your business. It may lead to loss of valuable time and money since development is an expensive and time-consuming process.

3) Client Portfolio

One of the best ways to understand the expertise of an offshore .NET development company is looking at their client portfolios. By looking at the previous customers as well as the projects, you can start a plan to hire them. It can also assist you in the decision-making process of hiring the best company out of multiple options. Professional companies will have client portfolios and they are ready to share them with prospective clients when asked.

4) Check Innovativeness

There are numerous offshore .NET development companies available in the market. Choosing the best one with expert developers can be quite a time-consuming task. You can start by asking for information about their innovativeness, the premier apps they have developed and special features their software or apps contain. This allows you to understand the expertise of the company.

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5) Seamless Communication

During .NET development, the communication process throughout the entire app development procedure with the client should be seamless. It requires streamlined communication. Hire .NET programmers who have good communication skills. At the same time, your ideas need to be perfectly understood by the company to develop the app you desire. Check out the communication expertise of the .NET development company before choosing one.

6) Time-Conscious and Bug-Free Development

Other important facets are on-time delivery and bug-free development. The company you choose should have a proven track record. They should be able to develop intuitive web applications which have minimized costs. Make sure that the company you hire has expert developers who understand your requirements, deliver the work on time, and complete the project within the budget.

7) Check Capability of Scalability and Robustness

One of the significant aspects to consider before choosing a development company is to know if they are capable of providing robust, aesthetic and scalable solutions to meet your business requirements. They should have worked on large scale business projects in the past. They should have .NET developers who are competent and are able to provide you with the solutions which give you an edge in the market. Along with this, a development company should have low development costs. This is an important tip that will help you choose the right company.

8) Check Success Record

Look out for companies who only offer a commitment to hook clients but fail to deliver. Check their development projects, and success record thoroughly. Do proper fact-finding research on the web.

9) Superior Hiring Model

One should also look at the hiring model of .NET development companies. Good companies have a comprehensive selection process to hire .NET developers. They make sure that the highest level of professional developers is hired in their company. You can pick the model which best suits your requirements.

10) Legal Agreements and Contracts

Another important tip is that you should follow a procedure for contracting with the development company. That will include legal formalities, contracts, standard clauses, etc. With this, you can bind the company to complete the project as stated in the contract. It makes them obligated to deliver the best solution, as their reputation is at stake.


When you need to hire an offshore .NET development company, follow the tips mentioned above to make sure that you don’t end up hiring the wrong one. Check the previous record of the companies. Ask for their portfolios and client portfolios. Gauge the communication skills of the developers. Carefully sign the service agreement and contract. Also, ask for the hiring model and choose the one which suits your requirements. It will save you a lot of time and money. It will also save you from unnecessary hassles and complexities in the development of your application.

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