In an ever-changing world dominated by rapidly evolving technology, it is impossible to thrive unless an ever-learning character is imbibed. Microsoft application development is no exception to this rule. There are exciting trends in the new Windows 10 platform and this article discusses 5 of the latest features.

Native Apps with.NET

The new Microsoft .NET platform allows you to create robust native applications using.NET.You not only have the opportunity to build Android apps with Java and Kotlin, you can build interactive iOS, macOS, Windows, and even Xamarin apps. Microsoft application development is as simple as you connecting to GitHub and then building your apps in the cloud.

With this feature by Windows, you can test your application and identify bugs on over 1000 real iOS and Android devices. More so, after testing, you’ll receive test results of your Microsoft development project which includes a screenshot of every step. Windows app development gets better, the crash report is extremely detailed, leaving no point out.

Azure App Service

This is a platform as a Service offering which enables mobile applications with a robust set of abilities. Now, there’s no reason for your Microsoft application development to delay unnecessarily. The Azure Active Directory allows you to connect to useful resources and then build enterprise-grade applications.

Microsoft application development shouldn’t be cumbersome. It has been observed that network issues sometimes, delays the execution of windows app development, hence, developers can now create and modify apps even when they aren’t connected to the internet. In essence, this means that a native sync can be provided so that you enjoy the same experience on all platforms.

Microsoft Application Development

Apache Cordova

The process of windows app development begins when you install the Apache Cordova and set up the SDKs, tools, and libraries needed to build your cross-platform applications. As a developer, you are also privileged to have more than a text editor- the code editor has inbuilt auto-completion, code comprehension, and refactoring features.
It also highlights the syntax, making it easy to identify errors before it gets too late. The IntelliSense feature also helps you understand how your code will behave when it comes in contact with new APIs. Furthermore, the all-new important code peek which works perfectly for in-line reference review will ensure that your Microsoft development projects take off seamlessly.

Visual Studio Emulator for Android

Before now, the major challenge with windows app development was getting available platforms to deploy, test, and debug the apps. Windows 10 solves that challenge. Now, in the course of Microsoft application development, you can mimic real-world conditions using some of the device sensor simulations available.

You might be thinking that this will be impossible to pull off considering the plethora of devices available on the market. This is a valid concern as it will be almost impossible to test your products on Samsung, LG, Motorola, and Sony all at once. We should also account for the different Android versions and specific issues with each platform.

This is where Microsoft development gets really fun. In just two clicks, you can set up a real profile and install a profile to begin testing. The emulator is totally customizable, fitting nicely into your existing environment by simply dragging and dropping tools. Connection to Android Debug Bridge is also very seamless and this facilitates the use of other tools like Eclipse and Android Studio.

Game Development with Visual Studio

Any idea you had about windows app development being boring should be discarded. Developers can now build high-performance games which can run on devices such as tablets, phones, and desktops. The tools available allow for the writing of shader code, debugging, profiling graphics, and analysis of GPU usage.

More so, there are tons of existing templates to choose from when you get started. This way, there’s always a template which works for you, whether you’re building with DirectX11 or DirectX12. Now, games from Microsoft development platform will ultimately surpass existing industry standards without as much effort.


There are exciting times ahead for Microsoft development enthusiasts. These latest features are packed with functionality and developers are given more freedom and flexibility. The seamless integration of several existing tools to engender completely new innovation is also remarkable. Windows application development is sure to enjoy a facelift in the coming years.

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