A computer software application is typically coded using a web browser programming tool and hosted on a web browser for the application to be accessed. Even though there are several tools employed daily for the development of apps, web applications which are facilitated by a CakePHP development company are touted to be more superior. This is because they are easier to update and they do not demand software distribution and installation. It is also very easy to hire and work with CakePHP developers on projects.

Why CakePHP for Web Application?

Simplicity, speed, and brevity are three keywords which will be employed in defining web application development in the future. Fortunately, these are the features which are inherent in CakePHP. The database access layer coupled with a powerful system of scaffolding ensure that both complicated and simplified systems are built conveniently.

CakePHP MVC Architecture

CakePHP uses a Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern which is popular for the development of interfaces that divides web applications into three parts: Model, View, and Controller. The MVC pattern of CakePHP allows the separation of the web application interfaces into parts that will allow for easy access.

Building a web application requires enough experience and if you are not conversant with how the CakePHP development services works or you cannot use it to develop a web application, a CakePHP development company might help you create one or you Hire CakePHP developers who will come to your rescue.

How to Begin with CakePHP

With CakePHP, you can build tons of web applications and this article will help you identify the ways CakePHP development will be of help to you in building your web applications. Let’s now look at some of the key factors that will help you develop your web application using CakePHP development.

1) Installation

The first step you will take in building a web application using CakePHP is by installing the CakePHP into your hosting server. This will help CakePHP to become visible on your web hosting server. Kindly follow the steps below to help you install CakePHP into your hosting server.

2) Downloading CakePHP

Your first step to installing CakePHP is by downloading the CakePHP development framework into your PC. The framework can be downloaded from https://cakephp.org/

After the download, extract the ZIP file of the downloaded CakePHP framework.

CakePHP Development

3) Adding CakePHP to your Host Server

It is assumed that you made use of your Personal Computer (PC) to download the CakePHP framework. So now, paste the ZIP file you extracted from the framework into the root directory of your hosting directory/server. You can also rename the ZIP file for easy identification when you are to upload it to your hosting server.

4) Test Run

After the upload, attempt a test-run to check if the CakePHP framework has become visible on your host server. To do this, type “localhost” into your browser followed by the name you used in saving the extracted ZIP file in your host server’s directory.

Before the test-run, make sure the logs and tmp directories and other relevant subdirectories have ‘write permission’ because CakePHP uses these for its operations.

When you carry-out the test-run, a CakePHP icon will appear and this shows that CakePHP has become active on your host server so you’re on your way to using CakePHP development in building web applications.

The steps pointed out are the basics you need to know in using CakePHP to build web applications and they’ll help you in offering CakePHP development services to those who might be interested. We shall now look at some of the Pros and Cons of using CakePHP development services in building web applications.

Pros of using CakePHP in Building Web Applications

  • CakePHP allows a faster and easier web application building.
  • It does not require much coding.
  • The MVC architecture of the CakePHP framework organizes your work perfectly.
  • Its in-built tools help you in input validation.
  • CakePHP has extra features like caching, translations, database access, and authentication.
  • It has security features like CSRF protection, XSS injection protection, and Form tampering protection.

Cons of Attempting CakePHP as a Beginner

  1. It takes much time to learn.
  2. Migrating from one version to another is a herculean task.


With CakePHP, building web applications just got better and easier. If you cannot develop a web application by yourself, we’ll always advise to consult a CakePHP development company or Hire CakePHP developers.

Having a web application is a huge feat and with the easy and simplified interface of CakePHP development services, you might not need to Hire CakePHP developer or consult a CakePHP development company. You can build a web application by yourself if you set your mind to it so try it.

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