When you hear about cloud computing, don’t be tempted to picture computer networks and architecture hanging out in the sky! Cloud storage involves the storage, preservation, and keeping of data or information on the internet rather than on your computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing offers cloud storage over several cloud computing services which requires the data to be uploaded via a network service. These cloud computing services are established to host uploaded files, data or information which could be accessed at any point in time.

Examples of these cloud computing services are; OneDrive which operates with Microsoft cloud services and Verizon cloud which operates with Verizon cloud services. In recent times, these top IT companies are espousing the advancement of this area and significant investment is being made into research and development. To give you an idea, Forbes projected the market to reach $411 billion by 2020. 2018 is not 2020, however, it promises to be exciting for the providers and users of cloud computing services. Here are some of the trends to anticipate this year.

Faster and Quicker Access to the Cloud

Often times, users of cloud service development find it extremely difficult to access the cloud at intervals due to either traffic or internet downtime. In 2018, cloud processing services should see quickened private or public access to the cloud. This is due to the fact that most cloud users would require access to stored data at different points in time. If the cloud processing service like OneDrive or ICloud cannot provide faster and efficient access to their cloud computing service development, this would affect the traffic and eventually spoil the market.

Improvement in User-Friendliness

According to Statisica, in just 5 years (2013 to 2018), the number of people using cloud services increased to 150%. Even though everyone had access to the Cloud prior to now, people abstained then because of the perceived to be complex in nature. People found it difficult to establish a working knowledge of cloud processing services. Fast forward 4-5 years, more people became familiar with the cloud computing processes. On that note, one of the expected cloud computing features for 2018 is a more simplified operational procedure which would emphasize user-friendliness.

Sophisticated Cloud Services

Another cloud service development expected in 2018 is a more advanced and developed cloud service which would adequately cater for the rapidly-evolving internet populace. Before 2018, cloud computing services were limited to the storage of specific data and this limited the functionality of the cloud. Now, phones, wristwatches, cars, smart houses and so on are connecting to the cloud, increasing the number of data sources available. As more data sources are being included, this will engender significant investment in automation and intelligence for managing their infrastructure. Also, a proliferation of data sources might bring about unverifiable data sources or false positives.

Cloud Computing Services

Increased Storage Capability of the Cloud

As earlier mentioned, the world is fast developing and making almost everything smart. From smart cars to smart houses, artificial intelligence has transcended theory. Prior to this time, cloud computing service development was limited to specific categories of data which implied that the storage capacity of the cloud was sort of limited. It is expected that the storage capacity of the cloud would be increased and more developed to make provision for the storage of various kinds of data including map coordinates, home security details and so on.

More Secured Cloud Computing Service

In a world where almost everything is linked to the cloud, violations, snooping, attempted hacks and so on are expected. If all the smart utilities of an individual are linked to one cloud account then that cloud account has to be secured. One major anticipated cloud service development in 2018 is the increment of cloud service security especially as machine-to-machine communication technology promises to become ubiquitous. Several layers of security should be a trend expected in cloud computing service for 2018.

More Reliable Cloud Service

If the cloud stores almost every data and information of several individuals then it is only natural for the cloud to be more reliable. This is because the cloud has been trusted with vital data which should not be lost due to a downtime or malfunction. So, it is expected for the cloud to develop the level of reliability which means less internet downtime, swift upload and download of data and so on. If more people are making use of the cloud daily, then the cloud should naturally provide for those people to avoid a reduction in ratings and speculations.


Cloud computing is likely to become one of the biggest technological disruptions of the 21st century. While this might seem like an appropriate projection, there are certain impediments to its manifestation. If it can be more intuitive, functional and secure, this prediction will become a reality in a very short while.

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