Even after over 20 years, Java still remains the dominant programming language for mobile app development. This notable feat is attributed to several factors inherent in Java application development, ultimately establishing its superiority in the technology world. These factors give any Java developer flexibility which facilitates adoption.

Even though fierce competition from Kotlin- a lean, fluid, and concise rival has emerged in recent times, threatening to undermine Java’s reign, certain factors seem to be working in Java’s favor. In this article, we explore the top three reasons why Java web development and Java application development remains relevant in the industry.

Enterprise Computing rests on Java

Java web development projects are present everywhere. Do you know that Java is being used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies? Furthermore, the demand for enterprise mobile apps is projected to grow by more than 500%. This is because Java has a wide range of applications from enterprise applications, data management to even mobile app development.

As of 2017, there exist over 10 million Java developers in the world (significantly more than other coding languages). This widespread use is because of the eclectic source of useful open source libraries and framework through which Java application development allows. This enables Java developers to bring great products to life with little effort. In addition, because of the cornucopia of Java developers, forward-thinking business adopts Java web development services as it significantly reduces web applications development cost.

Java Development Services

Java is the Backbone of all Android Applications.

Java application development has been dubbed the “official language for native Android mobile app development”, and the facts are staggering. Do you know that Android dominates more than 60% of the tablet market, beating even Apple’s iOS to the game? Even more astounding is the fact that 86% of all smartphones run on an Android Operating system. What does this have to do with Java? Well, Java is the tool used to create Android applications.

In fact, Java application development is an invaluable tool for any device which runs on Android OS. Therefore, it’s not limited to just mobile devices but can be used for Air conditioning system, Televisions and any other device that runs on Android.

In addition, Java application development is platform independent; this means that if you create a mobile app for your business, you can seamlessly integrate it with your desktop software. This makes it very easy for businesses to incorporate mobile apps into their businesses. With that kind of utility, Java developer in with a long ride with Java.

Java is Constantly Evolving

When Java was first launched, it ran on JVM as opposed to running directly on the computer’s processor like C and C++ program does. This caused Java application development projects to be slower in performance. However, in recent times, the JIT compiled code on modern JVMs are optimized for speed. In fact, Java is currently 10 times faster than any comparable scripting languages such as Perl, PHP, and Python. The point here is that Java is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of its users- this creates a package that is hard to beat.

Java application development platform continually sees new features like lambdas in version 8 and the addition of JSON APIs, modularity in Java 9 edition. Enterprise Edition 8 is currently ongoing and it will enhance its cloud support compatibility and ease the development phase. The future version might even feature co-routines and tail calls.


Aside from the factors we have considered in this post, other factors also play in the crucial role of Java’s dominance; from the fact that it’s free, easy to learn and easily accessible from desktop and mobile devices. Java web development is also Independent, object-oriented, featuring a robust API.

Despite some major flaws in Java application development such as security issues and existence of competing for products from other companies, the user-centric view adopted by Java will make it come out strong.

The future of Java definitely looks bright. It is currently the world’s second most popular language in machine learning and data science applications, a market that is projected to exceed $2.5 billion in less than three years.

This constant growth and development will continue to equip Java developers to meet up with the task of developing both Java web applications and Java mobile application of the will meet up to the requirements of the future.

This positive attitude towards improvement has been a major reason for their dominance and if it doesn’t relent, it will even ensure continued dominance in the years to come.

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